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Mitski – Bury Me at Make Out Creek Music

Mitski – Bury Me at Make Out Creek

Our review of Mitski's album 'Bury Me at Make Out Creek'. Read More
Little Big League – Tropical Jinx Music

Little Big League – Tropical Jinx

Little Big League contributes to the growing indie music scene with their latest album Tropical Jinx. Read More
Zola Jesus – Taiga Music

Zola Jesus – Taiga

“Top 40 synth sounds from a few years ago but with more reverb on the vocals: indie in 2k14. No thank you.” This recent tweet from Vampire Weekend soundmaster Rostam Batmanglij, despite being a bit rude and superficial, isn’t an uncommon view among listeners these days. It’s a criticism that’s been unfairly lobbed at acts Read More
Tennis – Ritual in Repeat Music

Tennis – Ritual in Repeat

Everything’s a remix. Consequently, there’s a comfortable aftertaste that lingers when a band can admit to wearing their influences on their sleeves. It’s a tricky, meandering road that can lead to either drowning in one’s influences or accepting the idea that we are all students of popular culture. Tennis, a husband and wife ensemble realizes Read More
Avi Buffalo – At Best Cuckold Music

Avi Buffalo – At Best Cuckold

Avi Zahner-Isenberg is a weird dude. The songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist of the Long Beach-based band Avi Buffalo has an Instagram account replete with morbid, badly-drawn Microsoft Paint sketches of objects ranging from skeletons to skyscrapers to the insides of homes. As if this weren’t odd enough, the lyrics he sings on his band’s sophomore Read More
Cymbals Eat Guitars – LOSE Music

Cymbals Eat Guitars – LOSE

Benjamin High did not die in vain. His tragic 2007 passing at just 19 years old, far too young an age for anyone to leave us, began to inform Cymbals Eat Guitars’ impressive catalog even before the band caught listeners’ attention with their 2009 debut Why There Are Mountains. High, a member of the long-defunct Read More
FKA twigs – LP1 Music

FKA twigs – LP1

Is FKA twigs human, or is she dancer? “I can’t recognize me”, she sighs at the end of “Video Girl”, a song that expresses her disdain towards sometimes being more noticed for her dancing in the background of two Jessie J videos, among others, than for her thriving music career. It seems that twigs herself, Read More
White Lung – Deep Fantasy Music

White Lung – Deep Fantasy

Earlier this year, I wrote here about my disappointment with Perfect Pussy’s Say Yes to Love , and cited its length (or, rather, lack thereof) as one of its major flaws. It’s easy to get the notion, then, that I think albums need to be a certain length to succeed, but read more closely — Read More
Hundred Waters – The Moon Rang Like a Bell Music

Hundred Waters – The Moon Rang Like a Bell

As though Beyonce’s completely out-of-nowhere release of her self-titled album in late 2013 wasn’t untraditional enough, here’s something to up the ante: Hundred Waters celebrated their sophomore release, The Moon Rang Like a Bell, with a free three-day festival in an Arizona desert named Arcosanti. The festival, named after the desert hosting it, was free Read More
Makthaverskan – II Music

Makthaverskan – II

Although Makthaverskan’s American presence wasn’t established until recently, their career has spanned the last five years. They released their self-titled début way back in 2009, but now this Swedish goth punk band is finally invading the music industry’s largest market. In early May, US label Run for Cover reissued Makthaverskan’s sophomore effort II, exposing their Read More