Later Babes – Lisa

Later Babes – Lisa

Lisa as an album, is literally one continuous song that makes for almost an hour of an epic journey through music memories.

9 /10

Reining from Sioux Falls, SD, Later Babes is the brainchild of Isaac Show with the help of another local band members (Soulcrate Music) and including a member of his other band We All Have Hooks for Hands. Later Babes created a smash-up album that slams together classic music with hip-hop and indie songs. Now, you may be unimpressed by this, as making mash-ups is a pretty common thing anymore. However, Later Babes mashes-up music in a completely unique way, not only is it a DJ doing mash-ups but it also features live drums and keyboards. Later Babes is made up of Isaac Show, Tory Stolen, Myles Gosmire, Wes Eisenhauer, and Corey Gerlach.

Later Babes Lisa music review

Lisa as an album, is literally one continuous song that makes for almost an hour of an epic journey through music memories. Later Babes covers the spectrum of music genres: early 90’s rap, modern pop song, musicals, indie bands, and so forth. There is probably a song that they mashed into their album Lisa that you can listen to and enjoy.  Due to the nature of the album, it is hard to pick apart the album and break it down into specific songs. That being said, it is also hard to properly review Later Babes due to the nature of the music they are creating; being that a large portion of the music you hear was created by someone else. What makes Later Babes music special is that it is created in a way in which the music is blended together and combined with their own special touch of keyboards and drums added in.

Lisa is an album that needs to be listened to all at once to really experience it properly, but if you must, each song is strong enough to be able to stand on its own. The transition between each song ends in a way that the tracks can bleed together or be listened to as a singular track. But the flow of the album is amazing.

Doesn’t make sense? Take a listen to really understand what I mean. You can download Later Babes Lisa album for free from their BandCamp, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Later Babes on Tumbr.

Later Babes – Lisa Music review

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  • BdT

    How do you rationalize giving a collection of mediocre mash-ups the same score as STRFKR’s ‘Reptilians’?

  • bnc

    good point…

  • Because it’s insanely good. You obviously haven’t listened to this unbelievably perfect mix of music history. How can people say that they love music if they can’t appreciate all sorts of music?