Movie Reviews

Nightcrawler Movie


Nighttime vultures circling around the cynical, cruel world of newsworthy accidents and tragedies are depicted with delectably compelling malice in Dan Gilroy’s directorial debut, Nightcrawler. Hitting home runs with feature debuts seems to run in the Gilroy family, with older brother Tony’s excellent Michael Clayton coming out of the woodwork in 2007. With his own Read More
ABCs of Death 2 Movie

ABCs of Death 2

Horror films love their sequels. This follow up provides more shorts for each letter of the alphabet. Read More
Horns Movie


A man wakes up to find he's growing horns, and can hear the dark thoughts of others in this macabre tale. Read More
Force Majeure Movie

Force Majeure

The absurdity of familial archetypes are underscored to hilarious effect in Ruben Östlund's provocative new film. Read More
Young Ones Movie

Young Ones

Jake Paltrow's post-apocalyptic Western will dazzle you with style, underwhelm you with melodrama. Read More
Before I Go to Sleep Movie

Before I Go to Sleep

Despite a promising start , Before I Go to Sleep is a film that is sadly let down by a number of flaws. Read More
White Bird in a Blizzard Movie

White Bird in a Blizzard

A teenager full of sexual angst is impassive at the disappearance of her mother, but grows to find she should have taken more interest, and asked more questions. Read More
23 Blast Movie

23 Blast

A truth-based football melodrama that fumbles 50 yards short of the end zone. Read More
St. Vincent Movie

St. Vincent

Bill Murray should play every grumpy old man character from now on. Read More