Movie Reviews

White Bird in a Blizzard Movie

White Bird in a Blizzard

A teenager full of sexual angst is impassive at the disappearance of her mother, but grows to find she should have taken more interest, and asked more questions. Read More
23 Blast Movie

23 Blast

A truth-based football melodrama that fumbles 50 yards short of the end zone. Read More
St. Vincent Movie

St. Vincent

Bill Murray should play every grumpy old man character from now on. Read More
Listen Up Philip Movie

Listen Up Philip

If you can bear it, Perry and Schwartzman's misadventures of a misanthrope is an intriguing study in misery. Read More
’71 Movie


The Northern Ireland conflict gets further coverage from Yann Demange in this thrilling British film. Read More
Dear White People Movie

Dear White People

A campus-set satire that keenly observes black identity and finds humor in the absurdity of "post-racial" America, Justin Simien's blistering debut provides ample food for thought. Read More
The Book of Life Movie

The Book of Life

The fate of three friends is wagered upon by the leaders of the Land of the Remembered and the Land of the Forgotten in this colorful but dizzying animated feature. Read More
Birdman (NYFF Review) Movie

Birdman (NYFF Review)

Vividly imagined, Iñárritu provides his most stunning and bizarre work to date. Read More
Watchers of the Sky Movie

Watchers of the Sky

Edet Belzberg provides a compelling and compassionate view of those who fight for the rights of humanity and the victims of genocide in her latest documentary. Read More