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This Ain’t No Mouse Music Movie

This Ain’t No Mouse Music

The setting is an outdoor blues concert in Louisiana. Sitting in a chair in the middle of the audience wearing earth tones and a baseball cap is Chris Strachwitz, the 83-year-old founder of Arhoolie Records, one of the leading roots music labels in the world. It’s an intermission in between sets, and there’s some modest music playing on Read More
Laggies (TIFF Review) Movie

Laggies (TIFF Review)

Coming off a disappointing previous film (Touchy Feely), director Lynn Shelton returns with Laggies to what she does best —examining likable but flawed characters at a crossroads in their life. Working from a script she didn’t write (a first for the director) and her largest budget to date, Shelton ditches her typical improvisational approach for a Read More
Altman Movie


Simplicity can be the most effective method sometimes, especially in the case of Ron Mann’s documentary Altman. Instead of taking an ambitious approach to legendary director Robert Altman’s life, Mann shows the life and career of his subject with a concise, linear presentation. Framing the film around the definition of “Altmanesque,” Altman goes through the Read More
Spring (TIFF Review) Movie

Spring (TIFF Review)

For their follow-up to Resolution, Justin Benson and Aaron S. Moorhead ditch the meta qualities of their debut feature for straight storytelling in Spring. Their film opens with Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci) watching his mother succumb to cancer while taking care of her. A bar cook with only one friend in town, and now one Read More
20,000 Days on Earth Movie

20,000 Days on Earth

Nick Cave, a musician, songwriter, author, and sometime actor, whose music seems to polarize listeners into love or hate categories, fictitiously frames his 20,000th day on earth in this choreographed documentary. A day in which Cave allows the world (and let’s face it, it’s mostly his fans who are interested) into his brain and career. Viewers Read More
Tu Dors Nicole (TIFF Review) Movie

Tu Dors Nicole (TIFF Review)

Stephane Lafleur’s Tu Dors Nicole (literally translated to “You’re sleeping, Nicole”) takes place over one languid, youthful summer, shot gorgeously on black and white 35mm film. The 22-year-old title character (Julianne Côté), does nothing but aimlessly wander the neighborhood when not working at a thrift store, looking forward to summertime. With her parents away on Read More
Tracks Movie


In 1977, 27 year-old Robyn Davidson embarked on what would become a 9 month, 1,700 mile journey across the Australian deserts. She travelled from the town of Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean, with 4 camels and a dog as her only companions. Her trip was first profiled in National Geographic before a book about Read More
The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears Movie

The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears

After decades of watching movies, I never thought I would discover a genre I had never heard of before. Such is the case–was the case–with “giallo.” “Giallo” (from the Italian for “yellow”) is a style of filmmaking that mixes a combination of crime, thriller, eroticism, and horror elements with highly stylized visuals and a traditional Read More
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them Movie

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them

Viewing an on-screen relationship from somewhere in the middle can be a difficult place to be in as a film viewer. Finding two characters in a juncture in their story when one’s had no time to form any sort of attachment yet, makes for the sort of film viewing that practically demands distance. The Disappearance of Read More