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After Tiller Movie

After Tiller

In 2009, a man walked into a church and shot late-term abortion doctor, George Tiller. His assassination brought the total number of doctors providing late-term abortions down to 4 nationwide. The event also highlighted the extreme opinions that have characterized this national debate, and just how far some would take it.  Nicknamed “Dr. Tiller Baby Read More
Escape Plan Movie

Escape Plan

The recent revival of bombastic ’80s action flicks spearheaded by Sylvester Stallone hasn’t been as unwelcome as I thought it would be pre-Expendables. That movie, though unremarkable, is a lot of fun because it’s so honest about what it is–a big, loud, unabashed testosterone parade for people who like watching things go boom. Escape Plan, the Read More
The Way Way Back Movie

The Way Way Back

From the Oscar winning minds behind the story of The Descendants, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash bring a similar family oriented film that aspires to be a charming crowd-pleaser, but ends up with the same underwhelming results. The Way Way Back features a coming-of-age story about a teenage boy who feels like an outsider wherever Read More
Cutie and the Boxer Movie

Cutie and the Boxer

As a bracing, painfully honest look at the artistic temperament in its full kaleidoscopic nature, few films will come as close this year as Zachary Heinzerlig’s Cutie and the Boxer. Following the trials and tribulations of Japanese-born, New York-based ‘action’ painter Ushio Shinohara (the ‘Boxer’ in question, owing to his dipping fists in paint and Read More
12 Years a Slave Movie

12 Years a Slave

With the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement’s march on Washington having just passed, and with the historically deplorable Columbus Day holiday upcoming, we can’t be reminded enough of the history of humanity’s tyranny over one another. Sobering and immensely difficult to watch, British director Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave, is to date Read More
The Summit Movie

The Summit

If you were to walk into a theater while The Summit was playing and look at the audience, you’d think they were watching the latest scary movie release. You’ll see looks of shock, hear frightful gasps, and feel the audience vibrate with tension and terror. Director Nick Ryan’s harrowing mountaineering documentary elicits such intense reactions because Read More
Machete Kills Movie

Machete Kills

When approaching my critique of Machete Kills—Robert Rodriguez‘s second entry into the eponymous character’s bloody B-movie saga that started with a fake trailer and continued in 2010’s Machete–I made the firm decision to not deny my inner 9-year-old that was having an absolute blast in the theater. Sure, I could poke and prod at the film’s Read More
Finding Hillywood Movie

Finding Hillywood

Do not be deceived by its gorgeous landscapes, Rwanda is still feeling the effect of the painfully horrific genocidal mass slaughter of its people. Finding Hillywood shows the attempts to heal and educate Rwandans through local filmmaking from passionate people around the community. Despite not having access to large facilities or even sometimes electricity, a Read More
Ass Backwards Movie

Ass Backwards

Sometimes a film can be so bad its existence is baffling. Ass Backwards, a comedy co-written by stars June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson, is a perfect example of that kind of movie. With a script so painfully unfunny it’s hard to imagine that Raphael and Wilson (who got some of their funding for the Read More