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Dustin Jansick View all posts

Dustin Jansick is an independent film critic who also enjoys; indie music, cooking, technology, sports, puzzles, graphic design, and P.T. Anderson films. He is the founder and editor of Way Too Indie which means he reviews hundreds of movies each year and is a proud member of the OFCS.

504 articles written. Most recent: Trailer: The Rover

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Bernard Boo View all posts

    Bernard Boo is a film enthusiast, baker, musician, and native of the San Francisco Bay Area. He enjoys nothing more than spending quiet nights at home with his beautiful wife.

    294 articles written. Most recent: Watermark

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Ananda Dillon View all posts

    Ananda Dillon lives in Los Angeles, she watches a lot of films, reads a lot of books, dallies in graphic design and likes trying to find new synonyms for 'screenwriter' to distance herself from being a Hollywood cliche. She can't remember to buy milk but will almost always know a film or TV reference and she's hopelessly addicted to starting new DIY projects and botching the heck out of them.

    20 articles written. Most recent: Veronica Mars

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C.J. Prince View all posts

Blake Ginithan View all posts

Amy Priest View all posts

    Amy is from the UK and has studied film for the past 5 years but has been in love with cinema since, forever. She enjoys supporting independent filmmakers and so if you can keep her hooked into a thriller or laughing at a comedy, she's yours. Amy is always happy to take requests for your independent films to be seen so please email for your chance to get reviewed.

    30 articles written. Most recent: Trailer: God Forgive Us

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Max Freedman View all posts

    Max Freedman listens to so much music that doctors have found mp3s in his blood. He’s completely taken advantage of living directly across the Hudson River from Manhattan, having seen some thirty-odd concerts there. Oddly enough, Funeral isn’t his favorite Arcade Fire album. He wants everyone to know that, because he really wants people to think he's different.

    18 articles written. Most recent: Todd Terje – It’s Album Time

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Jonathan Andrews View all posts

Manjot Jawa View all posts

    Manjot is a journalism major who is always surrounded by music playing around him...even when he sleeps. Music has and will always play an important part in his life. He enjoys talking about space and technology and is fond of cats and airline food.

    12 articles written. Most recent: Music Hangout – Lowercase Noises

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Pavi Ramani View all posts

    Pavi's a university student in London, but spends more time watching films than studying. She loves dancing and hates people that don't give a film their full attention. She also uses words like love and hate far too liberally.

    7 articles written. Most recent: 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2014

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Jansen Aui View all posts

    Jansen is based in Melbourne, Australia and loves seeing films and talking about them with people and the Internet. He has studied (and currently practices) architecture but enjoys forming an opinion on most forms of visual culture, particularly cinema. He likes writing, too. A combination of those things has brought him to Way Too Indie.

    6 articles written. Most recent: The Wind Rises

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Colleen Munro View all posts

    Colleen is a movie buff and recent university graduate living in Ontario, Canada. When she’s not busy consuming movies and writing, she’s also an avid concert-goer and perpetual daydreamer. Her latest goals are to escape the suburbs and finish writing a feature-length screenplay (though not necessarily in that order).

    4 articles written. Most recent: Le Week-End

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Kandyss Hicks View all posts

    Kandyss is an architectural technician by trade and an interior design student. In her spare time she likes to explore the arts, whether that be visiting the museums in Montreal, sketching or writing. She also enjoys listening to and critiquing all types of music as well as watching movies and reading literature.

    4 articles written. Most recent: Trailer: Gone Girl

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Nikola Grozdanovic View all posts

    Leaning towards the arty stuff and always hungry for an originally visual trip, Nik loves movies in obsessively unhealthy ways. He's written for Concordia University's The Link and is currently a regular contributor to IndieWire's The Playlist, and UK-based online culture mag What Culture. While trying to maintain his own blog, The Film Grapevine, he's been falling asleep one too many times on the keyboard lately.He's super stoked to be officially be part of the Way Too Indie family.

    3 articles written. Most recent: Nymphomaniac Vol. 2

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Nelson Carvajal View all posts

    Nelson Carvajal is an independent digital filmmaker, writer and content creator. His video essays on cinema have been published on indieWIRE's Press Play and Fandor's Keyframe. Carvajal's video art pieces and experimental short films have screened at the London Underground Film Festival, the 2010 International Digital Film Festival and the Oregon Independent Film Festival.

    3 articles written. Most recent: Video Essay: Mise En Scène & The Visual Themes of Wes Anderson

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