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Dustin Jansick is an independent film critic who also enjoys; indie music, cooking, technology, sports, puzzles, graphic design, and P.T. Anderson films. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of Way Too Indie, which means he reviews hundreds of movies each year. Also a proud member of the OFCS.

563 articles written. Most recent: The Case Against 8

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Ananda Dillon View all posts

    Ananda Dillon lives in Los Angeles, she watches a lot of films, reads a lot of books, dallies in graphic design and likes trying to find new synonyms for 'screenwriter' to distance herself from being a Hollywood cliche. She can't remember to buy milk but will almost always know a film or TV reference and she's hopelessly addicted to starting new DIY projects and botching the heck out of them.

    105 articles written. Most recent: Film Titan, Director Mike Nichols Dead At 83

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C.J. Prince View all posts

    C.J. Prince hails from Ontario, Canada and spends most of his time absorbing as many films as possible. When he isn't trying to talk about films with words he is making tweets you'd regret reading.

    225 articles written. Most recent: The Sleepwalker

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Max Freedman View all posts

    Max Freedman listens to so much music that doctors have found mp3s in his blood. He’s completely taken advantage of living directly across the Hudson River from Manhattan, having seen a stupid amount of live shows there. Oddly enough, Funeral isn’t his favorite Arcade Fire album. He wants everyone to know that, because he really wants people to think he's different.

    41 articles written. Most recent: Mitski – Bury Me at Make Out Creek

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Aaron Pinkston View all posts

    Aaron Pinkston lives in or around Chicago, Illinois, where he enjoys life with his wife and two dogs. After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Cinema Studies from the University of Illinois, Aaron has worked in various office jobs while watching films and writing about them as a pastime. His senior thesis paper was titled "On the Cultural Reception of the Evil Dead Triology."

    38 articles written. Most recent: The Criterion Collection Announces February 2015 Releases

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Nik Grozdanovic View all posts

    Leaning towards the arty stuff and always hungry for an originally visual trip, Nik loves movies in obsessively unhealthy ways. He's written for Concordia University's The Link and is currently a regular contributor to IndieWire's The Playlist, and UK-based online culture mag What Culture. While trying to maintain his own blog, The Film Grapevine, he's been falling asleep one too many times on the keyboard lately.

    35 articles written. Most recent: Butter on the Latch

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Michael Nazarewycz View all posts

    Michael will watch anything considered a motion picture, from a nickelodeon silent to a digital epic, and he is a sucker for everything from the 1980s. While he thinks it's great to have thousands of movies available to him around the clock, he misses the joy of random discovery that broadcast television used to bring in the pre-home video era.

    11 articles written. Most recent: Happy Valley

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Patrick Larkin View all posts

    Patrick is a New York State native who graduated from Lafayette College. He is an avid watcher of film and television. In between watching far too much media content, Patrick tries to figure out what to do with a liberal arts degree.

    6 articles written. Most recent: ABCs of Death 2

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Edward Haynes View all posts

    Eddy Haynes has recently graduated from the University of Nottingham with a First in Film and Television. He is currently on a gap year which means he has a whole year to watch a ton of indie films. His all time favourite film is Memento, with Garden State running a close second, because who doesn’t love Zach Braff Natalie Portman and the Shins together in one film.

    5 articles written. Most recent: Citizenfour

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Samantha Cooper View all posts

    A member of the Newhouse Mafia at Syracuse University, Samantha prefers to be called Sam or Sami. She grew up around the influence and sounds of reggae and sports and eventually found her way to wicked cool music via the internet. A self proclaimed music junkie who is now a music industry minor and a future Chicago or Austin girl.

    2 articles written. Most recent: Tennis – Ritual in Repeat

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