Dustin Jansick

Dustin Jansick is an independent film critic who also enjoys; indie music, cooking, technology, sports, puzzles, graphic design, and P.T. Anderson films. He is the founder and editor of Way Too Indie which means he reviews hundreds of movies each year and is a proud member of the OFCS.

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Qwerty Movie


Bill Sebastian’s Qwerty is a modest indie romantic comedy that does not attempt to be more than what it is—a cheerful love story about two social outcasts who were destined to be together. Although the results of the film are much like the characters found within it—not perfect but full of heart—Qwerty largely remains an Read More
Paradise: Hope Movie

Paradise: Hope

The last installment of the Paradise trilogy is Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise: Hope, a coming-of-age film about a teenage girl who develops a crush on a doctor at a camp for overweight teens. Although this film is by far Seidl’s least daring and challenging film of the series (and his career for that matter), there is Read More
2014 Spirit Award Nominations Announced Awards

2014 Spirit Award Nominations Announced

Nominations for the Film Independent Spirit Awards were announced this morning by Octavia Spencer, who was probably happy to announce that Fruitvale Station (a film she is in) picked up 3 nominations. But the film with the most nominations unsurprisingly went to Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave, which picked up a total of 7 Read More
Giveaway: Dallas Buyers Club Soundtrack & Focus Features Blu-ray set News

Giveaway: Dallas Buyers Club Soundtrack & Focus Features Blu-ray set

Inspired by true events, a Texas cowboy (Matthew McConaughey) named Ron Woodroof has his life turned upside down after being diagnosed as HIV-positive and given just 30 days to live. To help support Dallas Buyers Club (now playing in theaters), we are giving away the soundtrack of the film as well as a Focus Features Read More
Giveaway: The To Do List Prize Package News

Giveaway: The To Do List Prize Package

Way Too Indie is celebrating the recent Blu-ray and DVD release (Nov. 17th) of the raunchy throwback comedy film, The To Do List, which stars Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Bilson, Andy Samberg, and Bill Harder, by traveling back in time and giving one lucky reader a 90s themed prize package. This rockin’ package includes; a Surprise Read More
Humano Movie


With such a philosophical subject as trying to discover the reason for our existence, Humano is indeed as heady of an experimental study as it sounds. At one point the filmmaker, Alan Stivelman, takes hallucinogens while pondering if the things we imagine really exist and are just simply invisible—which subsequently makes you wonder if the Read More
Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? Movie

Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?

Renowned filmmaker Michel Gondry has an animated (I say that both figuratively and literally) conversation with the famous linguist, philosopher, and political activist Noam Chomsky. Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? takes an unorthodox approach by presenting the documentary almost entirely through animations; utilizing Gondry’s artistic imagination and skills. Described in the documentary as Read More
Blue Is the Warmest Color Movie

Blue Is the Warmest Color

Was I a little upset that I did not catch Blue Is the Warmest Color while at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year? Absolutely I was. Especially when the film went on to win the top prize of the Palme d’Or as well as awards for both leading actresses (a Cannes first). In my Read More
Mr. Nobody Movie

Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody is proof that just having all the right ingredients does not automatically make it a great dish. This film contains an intriguing plot, spectacular visuals, solid acting performances, more ambition than you can shake a stick at, and yet the results are not half as good as it sounds. Or at least not Read More