All Good Things Must…

By @DJansick
All Good Things Must…

The decision wasn’t easy, but after 6 years of operation Way Too Indie will be taking its final bow. We all feel proud of what we were able to accomplish over the years. The site allowed us to travel the world, meet amazing people, attend top-notch film festivals, and be part of film societies—all while doing the thing we all love; watching and discussing film.

More and more lately, it seems like film criticism websites are slowly disappearing in a space that was once crowded but now starting to consolidate. Way Too Indie shared many of the same difficulties as those other publications; readership numbers, financial reasons (though we were always realistic about this—after all, we were running an independent film site), and life itself. Film criticism is still a vital part of the art form, and hopefully it will continue to be relevant indefinitely.

Way Too Indie meant a lot to us and hopefully to some of you as well. I’d like to personally thank our readers and our crazy talented staff. Several of our writers have already found new outlets to write for, so I’m happy that Way Too Indie was able to help in that way. The site wouldn’t be where it is today without the help from our amazing staff. And thanks to the countless other critics, colleagues, and publications who helped and inspired us along the way.

Way Too Indie has been, and always will be, an amazing chapter in my life. So I thank you all for being a part of it. I encourage everyone to continue seeking out small independent films, because the volume of a voice shouldn’t determine the importance of the words.

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