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’71 Movie


The Northern Ireland conflict gets further coverage from Yann Demange in this thrilling British film. Read More
Dear White People Movie

Dear White People

A campus-set satire that keenly observes black identity and finds humor in the absurdity of "post-racial" America, Justin Simien's blistering debut provides ample food for thought. Read More
Birdman (NYFF Review) Movie

Birdman (NYFF Review)

Vividly imagined, Iñárritu provides his most stunning and bizarre work to date. Read More
Watchers of the Sky Movie

Watchers of the Sky

Edet Belzberg provides a compelling and compassionate view of those who fight for the rights of humanity and the victims of genocide in her latest documentary. Read More
The Overnighters Movie

The Overnighters

The Overnighters feels like one of those rare, lightning in a bottle stories caught in a documentary. What are the odds of coming upon such an incredible story, let alone one that manages to be captured on camera? Life imitates art in the strangest ways, sometimes. Director Jesse Moss started working on The Overnighters as a profile Read More
The Guest Movie

The Guest

If you’re familiar with Dan Stevens, it’s probably with his work on Downton Abbey as the kind-hearted English gentleman Matthew Crawley. Other than that, his career is largely a blank slate, with most of us having no preconceived notions about him as an actor. This absence of expectation is a key ingredient in Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s The Guest, the director-writer duo’s Read More
10,000 KM Movie

10,000 KM

In Carlos Marques-Marcet’s debut feature 10,000 KM, the title refers to the distance which now separates a couple after a job opportunity forces them to face the challenges of dating remotely. Marques-Marcet, who previously edited the equally subtle relationship film It Felt Like Love, proves that long distance relationships are just as difficult now as Read More
Imperial Dreams (MVFF Review) Movie

Imperial Dreams (MVFF Review)

“I got to get a job to pay child support, but to get a job I have to have a driver’s license. And to get a driver’s license, I still need to pay child support.” So says Bambi, the hero of filmmaker Malik Vitthal’s touching street tale Imperial Dreams. He’s explaining to a DMV worker the absurdity of his current, Read More
Gone Girl Movie

Gone Girl

On the subject of David Fincher’s disturbing, fascinating Gone Girl, there are a handful of things of which I am sure, and one thing of which I’m painfully unsure. I’m sure that the film is Fincher at his nastiest and most incisive. It’s a searing, cynical depiction of the ubiquitous media circus that poisons and deludes us daily. It’s Read More
Pride Movie


In the mid 1980s, thousands of British coal miners went on strike in reaction to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s vow to rid the U.K. of the National Union of Mineworkers, or NUM. After a hard-fought battle of walk-outs and picketing that occasionally descended into violence (three deaths were recorded), the miners were ultimately defeated by Read More