Must See Movies

Movie reviews that are rated 8 and higher
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night Movie

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

A lonely vampire girl preys on the bad men of her city in this atmospheric and near-perfect Iranian indie horror-western. Read More
Happy Valley Movie

Happy Valley

The Penn State child sex abuse scandal with Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno gets a documentary treatment. Read More
Foxcatcher Movie


A chilling true crime tale makes for some of the year's most compelling performances. Read More
The Theory of Everything Movie

The Theory of Everything

Famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking is an extraordinary man with monumental achievements, advancing our understanding of how the universe works while simultaneously battling a disease that left him nearly paralyzed and unable to speak. It’s a tragedy to us all that one of the most brilliant minds of our time lost the ability to communicate his Read More
The Better Angels Movie

The Better Angels

We live in the era of superhero movies, so it's only fitting for one of America's greatest heroes to get a proper origin story. Read More
Nightcrawler Movie


Nighttime vultures circling around the cynical, cruel world of newsworthy accidents and tragedies are depicted with delectably compelling malice in Dan Gilroy’s directorial debut, Nightcrawler. Hitting home runs with feature debuts seems to run in the Gilroy family, with older brother Tony’s excellent Michael Clayton coming out of the woodwork in 2007. With his own Read More
’71 Movie


The Northern Ireland conflict gets further coverage from Yann Demange in this thrilling British film. Read More
Dear White People Movie

Dear White People

A campus-set satire that keenly observes black identity and finds humor in the absurdity of "post-racial" America, Justin Simien's blistering debut provides ample food for thought. Read More
Birdman (NYFF Review) Movie

Birdman (NYFF Review)

Vividly imagined, Iñárritu provides his most stunning and bizarre work to date. Read More
Watchers of the Sky Movie

Watchers of the Sky

Edet Belzberg provides a compelling and compassionate view of those who fight for the rights of humanity and the victims of genocide in her latest documentary. Read More