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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Movie

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

If you, like millions of others, plan on heading into Dawn of the Planet of the Apes this weekend ready to gobble up yet another action-heavy summer mega movie, expect to get way more than you bargained for: Dawn is a sophisticated, emotional picture that explores complex themes with nuance and precision. The film asks that you keep your moral compass handy at Read More
Boyhood Movie


With last year’s Before Midnight being clearly one of the best of 2013 (at least in our opinion), it would seem Richard Linklater, whose films can be somewhat hit or miss (Me and Orson Welles was a bit more on the miss side), is reaching some kind of maturation. Like a fine wine. It would Read More
Whitey: United States of America Vs. James J. Bulger Movie

Whitey: United States of America Vs. James J. Bulger

The opening to Joe Berlinger’s latest documentary is the format’s biggest staple: the talking head. Stephen Rakes, a mom-and-pop liquor storeowner and one of James Bulger’s extortion victims, recalls the night Bulger instilled the fear of death into him. Berlinger’s camera feels restless even when it’s stationary and, with spot on close-ups and editing, the Read More
Hellion Movie


Boasting grimy imagery, a primal, tightly-written script, and a breakout performance by a promising young newcomer, Kat Candler’s Hellion–an expansion of her 2012 short that tore up the festival circuit–is the best juvenile delinquent film since last year’s indie darling, Destin Cretton’s Short Term 12. It captures the madness the boredom of a small, nowheresville town can elicit Read More
Borgman Movie


The unpredictable mechanics of evil have rarely been as captivating as they are in Alex Van Warmerdam’s Borgman. Premiering last year at Cannes, our very own Dustin Jansick saw it during his coverage of the festival (read his initial thoughts here) and was, unsurprisingly, compelled by its strangeness. Having finally seen public release earlier this Read More
Norte, the End of History Movie

Norte, the End of History

First thing’s first: Lav Diaz’s epic Norte, the End of History is 250 minutes in length, a relatively short running time for the Philippine director (2008’s Melancholia runs 450 minutes, while 2004’s Evolution of a Filipino Family is a whopping 647 minutes). People will naturally run in the other direction the moment they see the Read More
The Fault in Our Stars Movie

The Fault in Our Stars

Based on the wildly popular John Greene novel, The Fault in Our Stars, directed by Josh Boone, has a can’t-fail combination of gifted, pretty, rising young stars and an invincibly sympathetic, sob-inducing story of big dreams and heartache that will, without a doubt, draw piles and piles of money into the laps of all involved in the production. Read More
A Picture of You Movie

A Picture of You

A Picture of You is a sharp, mischievous family drama from filmmaker J.P. Chan, who wrote, directed, and produced his genre-less feature debut, which opens on June 20th at AMC Loews Village 7 in New York City. While the film’s title screams warm nostalgia, Chan avoids channeling the familiar sentimentality that makes indies with similar themes Read More
Chef Movie


Between viewing options like Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past, which make up the usual beginning-of-Summer box-office listings, is the smaller scaled and incredibly satisfying Chef. Jon Favreau takes a break from action movies and mainstream projects to get back to his indie comedy origins. In Chef, Favreau (who wrote and directed) plays LA chef Carl Read More
Two Days, One Night (Cannes Review) Movie

Two Days, One Night (Cannes Review)

The Dardenne brothers, Jean-Pierre and Luc, are worshiped filmmakers in the art-house community. They have been impressing audiences since 1996′s The Promise and are among the distinguished few who have two Palme D’Ors to their name (for 1999′s Rosetta and 2005′s The Child). This year, the question is: can they be the first to get Read More