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The Skeleton Twins Movie

The Skeleton Twins

There’s an indelible spark that exists between actors who trust each other fully. Through 9 years of making millions pop with laughter together on Saturday Night Live, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader have developed a rare rapport few other on-screen pairings can touch. With the legendary variety show now in the rear view mirror, the duo hope to ditch Read More
Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait (TIFF Review) Movie

Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait (TIFF Review)

As Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait opens, a title card claims “1,001 Syrians” helped make the film. The reason for such a bold and unconfirmed claim is because of co-director Ossama Mohammed’s reliance on footage from online sources. Mohammed, a Syrian filmmaker, left his country in forced exile back in 2011 as the Syrian Civil War Read More
The Theory of Everything (TIFF Review) Movie

The Theory of Everything (TIFF Review)

Famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking is an extraordinary man with monumental achievements, advancing our understanding of how the universe works while simultaneously battling a disease that left him nearly paralyzed and unable to speak. It’s a tragedy to us all that one of the most brilliant minds of our time lost the ability to communicate his Read More
Tokyo Tribe (TIFF Review) Movie

Tokyo Tribe (TIFF Review)

In a dystopian Tokyo, 23 “tribes” (read: gangs) rule different sections of the city. These tribes range from the GiraGira Girls, a group of women including a whip cracking dominatrix, to the Musashino Saru, a gang all about promoting peace and love. But it’s the Bukuro Wu-Ronz who run everything, and their leader Big Buppa Read More
The Trip to Italy Movie

The Trip to Italy

What an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Two actors are being paid to eat at the most lavish fine dining restaurants in Italy, tracing the Amalfi coast in a MINI Cooper and soaking up the gorgeous sun-drenched scenery. It’s a glorious thing. A wondrous thing. And the two actors fortunate enough to have this gift bestowed upon them? Prominent English Read More
The Strange Little Cat Movie

The Strange Little Cat

Want to know the definition of beguiling? Look no further than The Strange Little Cat. Ramon Zürcher’s debut feature definitely lives up to both of its title’s adjectives. At 69 minutes in length, it’s so brief it barely even qualifies as a feature. And every moment is absolutely strange. It’s an enigma of a film, something Read More
Palo Alto Movie

Palo Alto

Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto wades through the malaise of modern teen life as well as any movie has in years, reminding us of how dirty and distressing high school life can truly be. Based on a book of short stories by James Franco set in the semi-cushy California city he grew up in, the film depicts everyday-looking adolescents who make bad Read More
Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

Guardians of the Galaxy

Most people–hell, most comic book readers–have little to no knowledge of the Guardians of the Galaxy, a team of misfit, cosmic Marvel superheroes introduced in print in 1969. James Gunn, the director of Marvel Studios’ film adaptation of the D-list franchise, has a similar level of notoriety, with his work (Slither, Super) mostly only familiar to indie Read More
Faults (Fantasia Review) Movie

Faults (Fantasia Review)

Movies are a lot like cults. Think about it; strangers gather in a dark room to silently absorb a story directed, and often written as well, by one person (the leader) and told with the help of cast and crew (the cult members.) While not based on membership, the audience leaves the theater either as Read More
A Most Wanted Man Movie

A Most Wanted Man

A grey cloud follows every film featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman ever since his untimely death earlier this year (read our Favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman moments). Posthumously released films are always tinged with darkness. So when a film like God’s Pocket comes out to disappointing reviews (read our own underwhelmed reaction) every Hoffman fan among us Read More