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Like Father, Like Son (Cannes Review) Movie

Like Father, Like Son (Cannes Review)

Hirokazu Koreeda’s Like Father, Like Son turned a lot of heads in theater at the Cannes Film Festival today, where it played in front of a teary eyed audience. On front display is the depiction of how strong parental bonds can be and how the right thing to do is often the most difficult thing Read More
Stories We Tell Movie

Stories We Tell

“Every family has a story.” Canadian actor and director Sarah Polley (Away From Her, Take This Waltz) lost her mom, Diane, to cancer in 1990. In Stories We Tell, her quietly spectacular documentary, she sits with her family and friends and asks them to “tell the whole story [about Diane], from start to finish.” The Read More
The Place Beyond the Pines Movie

The Place Beyond the Pines

It would be easy to mistake The Place Beyond the Pines as a sequel to Drive as this film also stars Ryan Gosling as a stuntman turned getaway driver who is a soft-spoken badass that beats people with hardware tools. But I am here to tell you that The Place Beyond the Pines is not Read More
Simon Killer Movie

Simon Killer

In Simon Killer, director Antonio Campos plays provocateur, giving us a protagonist who becomes so unlikable, so repulsive, you’re sure to leave the theater full of hatred and contempt for him. Campos’ film is thoroughly distressing, an exercise in discomfort that will be difficult to embrace for most, much like his first film, Afterschool. However, Read More
Timecrimes Movie


It does not take long to notice that even the smallest of details in Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes are not without purpose. As with most time-travel films, if you were to break everything down you are bound to find plot holes here and there. But over-thinking the logic ruins the entertainment the film provides and what Read More
Paradise: Love Movie

Paradise: Love

Ulrich Seidl packs a punch full of irony in Paradise: Love where neither paradise nor love is anywhere to be found. On display instead is a voyeuristic view of a shy woman in search of love who goes wild and ends up on both sides of exploitation. There is some repetition in the film as Read More
Evil Dead (2013) Movie

Evil Dead (2013)

As I watched a demon-possessed girl split her own tongue in half with a rusty boxcutter, and then proceed to partake in the most disgusting French kiss I’ve ever seen, I was so overwhelmed with disgust that I forgot I was watching a remake of one of my favorite indie horror films ever. That’s the Read More
Upstream Color Movie

Upstream Color

For all intents and purposes, Shane Carruth has completely disappeared off the filmmaking radar ever since his mind blowing indie sci-fi debut of Primer eight years ago. The only place his name has appeared since then was in the Thank You section of the credits in Looper. For Upstream Color the self-proclaimed “control freak” handles Read More
Dark Blood (Berlinale) Movie

Dark Blood (Berlinale)

In 1993, director George Sluizer ended production of his film, Dark Blood, when the lead actor died unexpectedly. I’m too young to have much to say about River Phoenix. I was five when he died, and I don’t remember the media rampage that followed. I grew up knowing him as the rough kid in Stand Read More
Beyond the Hills Movie

Beyond the Hills

Faith and love tragically clash in Beyond the Hills, Cristian Mungiu’s latest film since his Palme D’Or-winning 4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days. Mungiu’s film opens with the reunion of two friends: Voichita (Cosmina Stratan) and Alina (Cristina Flutur). Voichita and Alina grew up together at an orphanage before going their separate ways. Alina Read More