Exclusive: First 10 Minutes of ‘The Calling’ News

Exclusive: First 10 Minutes of ‘The Calling’

We have an exclusive clip of the first 10 minutes of The Calling, the new serial killer thriller starring Susan Sarandon and Topher Grace. Sarandon plays Hazel Micallef, a detective in a quiet town who comes across a chain of gruesome murders with spiritual undertones. This is the first feature film from Jason Stone, who Read More
Viggo Mortenson Shows Off His Linguistic Skills in Venice/TIFF Film ‘Far From Men’ News

Viggo Mortenson Shows Off His Linguistic Skills in Venice/TIFF Film ‘Far From Men’

At the precipice of the Algerian War between France and Algerian independence fighters, a reserve soldier for the French military, living in Algeria as a schoolteacher (Viggo Mortensen), is enlisted to escort a prisoner (Reda Kateb) on a two-day trek to Tanguit to stand trial. Shot in expansive rocky deserts of Morocco, writer/director David Oelhoffen’s second feature Read More
Trailer: Good People News

Trailer: Good People

James Franco and Kate Hudson star as an “ordinary couple” who stumble across a bag of stolen money in Good People. After they discover their tenant has died of mysterious causes, leaving behind a duffel bag full of 220,000 British pounds, the well-intentioned couple are caught up in a police investigation and pursued by the criminal who wants Read More
Trailer: Boyhood News

Trailer: Boyhood

Richard Linklater created a coming of age story unlike anything ever done before by remarkably filming the same cast for 12 years in an ambitious project entitled Boyhood. Linklater began filming a six-year-old boy named Mason (played by Ellar Coltrane) in 2002, and over the next 12 years we literally get to see him grow Read More
Trailer: The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz News

Trailer: The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

A trailer for Brian Knappenberger’s fascinating documentary The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz is now available for consumption. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival with a warm reception, then it played at SXSW (where I saw it), and it just recently showed at Hot Docs. The documentary shows the tragic Read More
Trailer: God Forgive Us News

Trailer: God Forgive Us

God Forgive Us is the debut feature film by Director Michael Bachochin. The film is described as being “a dramatic collision of four strangers struggling through drug addiction, existential suicide, terminal illness and death.” Possibly not something for everyone, but certainly for those with an open mind and a willingness to understand the downfalls and Read More
Trailer: Blue Ruin News

Trailer: Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin is a thriller focusing on the life of a curious man who returns home to claim vengeance upon hearing the news of a recent release of a prison inmate. After proving himself to be an amateur assassin, events conspire to have him fighting to protect his estranged family. First screened in the Directors’ Read More
Trailer: The Grand Budapest Hotel News

Trailer: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson, known for his distinctive visual and narrative style in such films as Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Darjeeling Limited, will be releasing his latest quirky comedy The Grand Budapest Hotel. The adventures of an infamous concierge at a well known and well frequented hotel between the world wars and Zero Moustafa, Read More
Trailer: Like Father, Like Son News

Trailer: Like Father, Like Son

I’ll refer you to Dustin’s Cannes review of Like Father, Like Son where he sat amongst a ‘teary eyed’ audience and witnessed this huge festival success from 2013, and now in 2014 it’s allowed its big screen moment. I unfortunately missed its UK release back in October 2013, however from the reactions of festival-goers from Read More