Exclusive Clip: ‘Why I’m Not On Facebook’

By @GJVGarrison
Exclusive Clip: ‘Why I’m Not On Facebook’

Facebook has become ubiquitous. An unavoidable entity of the modern era, it has reshaped how many people view the world, their friends, their social status, and themselves. The new film from Brant PinvidicWhy I’m Not On Facebook, aims to explore the social media giant that has a restrictive grip upon our lives, and figure out just exactly what Facebook is. And now Way Too Indie’s got an exclusive clip from the film where Pindivic and co. take a look at just how easy it is to manipulate your life on the Internet.

Why I’m Not On Facebook follows Pindivic (who has a wide range of TV producing credits) as he searches for answers after his son asks why he can’t create a profile of his own. Built from interviews, archival news footage, and Pindivic’s eccentric quest, the film explores what Facebook has done to our daily lives, and hints at some of the darker aspects that we might not be aware of.

Check out the exclusive clip and the first trailer below. And feel free to air any Facebook related grievances in the comments.

Why I’m Not On Facebook goes On Demand on November 3rd.

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