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The Grand Budapest Hotel Movie

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Partway through The Grand Budapest Hotel, there’s an argument between Dmitri (Adrien Brody, looking brilliantly evil) and his deceased mother’s lawyer (Jeff Goldblum). The lawyer refuses to hand the dead woman’s fortune over to her son as the details of her murder haven’t been cleared up. Dmitri angrily leaves, and his henchman (Willem Dafoe) casually Read More
Trailer: The Grand Budapest Hotel News

Trailer: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson, known for his distinctive visual and narrative style in such films as Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Darjeeling Limited, will be releasing his latest quirky comedy The Grand Budapest Hotel. The adventures of an infamous concierge at a well known and well frequented hotel between the world wars and Zero Moustafa, Read More
Win: $25 American Express Gift Card for a Night at the Movies News

Win: $25 American Express Gift Card for a Night at the Movies

Any film that has Bill Murray in some capacity has me excited, let alone when it is a lead role. In his new film Hyde Park on Hudson, he plays the historical President FDR. To celebrate the film in theaters, Way Too Indie is giving away a night out at the movies to go see Read More
Hyde Park on Hudson Movie

Hyde Park on Hudson

Many of America's favorite Presidents had what we'd call 'personality'; those distinctions that established them in the hearts of those they served. Lincoln with his storytelling, Washington and his cherry tree antics, Clinton and his saxophone. The American public likes to see the personal sides of our Presidents; at least once they leave office that Read More
Giveaway: Moonrise Kingdom Blu-ray Prize Pack News

Giveaway: Moonrise Kingdom Blu-ray Prize Pack

We have got two Blu-ray copies of Wes Anderson’s quirky indie hit Moonrise Kingdom to give away to a couple of our Facebook and Twitter followers. As a bonus, one of those winners will receive a special “Survival Package” to go along with the Blu-ray. Read More
Moonrise Kingdom Movie

Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom is unmistakably a Wes Anderson film. It features presumptuous children who seem to be more intelligent and mature than the adults and a simple but whimsical storyline that is completely overshadowed by its presentation. Everything is exaggerated and deadpan humor is in abundance. That is what often makes his films so fascinating to Read More
Giveaway: Moonrise Kingdom Survival Package News

Giveaway: Moonrise Kingdom Survival Package

In order to celebrate the release of Wes Anderson's latest film Moonrise Kingdom in theaters this Friday, Way Too Indie is giving away two special "Moonrise Kingdom Survival Packages". It is undoubtedly one the most anticipated indie films of the summer as it has been three long years since Wes Anderson has put out a Read More
The Royal Tenenbaums Movie

The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums is about a dysfunctional family with each member having their own talents and idiosyncrasies, reunited again under the same roof the child prodigies grew up together. Director Wes Anderson’s style is clearly shown like most of his films, the script is incredibly detailed and the character development is phenomenally well done. Most Read More
Get Low Movie

Get Low

Get Low is a period drama about an old hermit set in the 1930’s with a mysterious past. The roles are filled with two highly respected actors, Robert Duvall and Bill Murray. A lot of people will watch it just for them, but the good news is there is more than just that to look Read More