2012 Chicago International Film Festival Coverage Recap

2012 Chicago International Film Festival Coverage Recap

Recap of Way Too Indie coverage of 2012 Chicago International Film Festival

Day #1: Holy Motors

I started off the festival with my most anticipated film which was undoubtably original and unique but was not enough to win me over completely.

Day #2: War Witch – Like Someone In Love – After Lucia

My second day was loaded with hard-hitting films, each in their own way. One common link between the three films is that they centered around a female lead character. Overall, a solid group of films.

Day #3: Flowerbuds – Alaskaland – Paradise: Love

What started out as seeing two films this day ended up being three as I had enough downtime to catch Alaskaland in between. Unfortunately, it ended up being my least favorite film of the festival. However, I was blown away by Paradise: Love.

Day #4: Once Upon A Time Was I, Veronica – Beyond The Hills

Once again the films of the day centered around female characters only this time both films did not have enough to hold my interest.

Day #5: Empire Builder – Not Fade Away

I closed out the festival with Kris Swanberg’s Empire Builder and David Chase’s Not Fade Away. Both directors where there to present their film.

Author: Dustin Jansick

Dustin Jansick is an independent film critic who also enjoys; indie music, cooking, technology, sports, puzzles, graphic design, and P.T. Anderson films. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of Way Too Indie, which means he reviews hundreds of movies each year. Also a proud member of the OFCS.

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