CIFF 2012 Day 1: Holy Motors

By @DJansick
CIFF 2012 Day 1: Holy Motors

My first day at the Chicago International Film Festival one is a relatively light one considering that I will only be seeing one film. That film happens to be the one I am most excited to see here, Holy Motors. Before the film I got a chance to meet up with one of the coordinators of the festival. When I mentioned that I would be seeing Holy Motors first, his eyes light up and said, “Wow. You are jumping right in.”

Leos Carax’s Holy Motors was incredibly well received at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year where it was nominated for the top prize of Palme d’Or and won Award of the Youth. Going into Holy Motors blind (not seen any of the directors previous work nor read too much about the film) seemed like a good idea but you must prepare yourself for this film. Even though I figured it would not be your average film, it was impossible to expect this.

I could not argue that this film is not intriguing, because it is very much is. In fact, I applaud its efforts to push the envelope in cinema. However, as much as I wanted to love the film, I could not. It was a shame that the film I was looking forward to the most at the festival was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe that means some of the others will surprise me.

(Full review to come)

Holy Motors review
Holy Motors

RATING: 6.3/10

COMING UP: I start my first full day with a bang; the inspiring story of War Witch, Abbas Kiarostami’s Like Someone In Love and Un Certain Regard prize winner After Lucia.

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