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Factory 25 Acquires Joe Swanberg’s ‘All the Light in the Sky’ News

Factory 25 Acquires Joe Swanberg’s ‘All the Light in the Sky’

New York independent film and music distributor Factory 25 has acquired rights to mumblecore god Joe Swanberg‘s (Drinking Buddies) All the Light in the Sky, starring Jane Adams (Hung.) Adams plays Marie, a middle-aged actress living in Malibu who’s struggling to find work in the twilight of her career. When her young niece (Sophia Takal) comes Read More
TIFF 2013: The Green Inferno, The Sacrament, Canopy & Oculus Film Festival

TIFF 2013: The Green Inferno, The Sacrament, Canopy & Oculus

The Green Inferno It seemed to be fate that I’d have a day devoted exclusively to genre films at TIFF. After the excellent reaction to Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno at its midnight screening, I caught up with it the next day. This time Roth decides to take on a subgenre of horror that hasn’t Read More
You’re Next Movie

You’re Next

It’s no wonder Adam Wingard’s indie horror flick You’re Next is so damn good—with fellow indie powerhouse filmmakers like Joe Swanberg, Amy Seimetz, and Ti West walking around the blood-splattered set, Wingard was in good company. But take no credit away; he demonstrates he’s got a long and successful directorial career ahead of him. The Read More
Drinking Buddies Movie

Drinking Buddies

Joe Swanberg is a well-known independent director who is notorious for his no budget, no script approach to filmmaking. The results tend to be very personal (he acts in most of his films) and highly realistic since the actors are not confined to reading lines off a script. Drinking Buddies is somewhat of a crossover Read More
Watch: Drinking Buddies trailer Trailer

Watch: Drinking Buddies trailer

The majority of Joe Swanberg’s directorial career has been making micro-budget indie films such as Kissing on the Mouth, LOL, and Hannah Takes the Stairs, which many consider to be early pioneers of the mumblecore (yes, I said it) movement. It was just last year when Swanberg got a taste of more commercial work when Read More
2013 SFIFF: You’re Next & Museum Hours Film Festival

2013 SFIFF: You’re Next & Museum Hours

You’re Next Throughout the first week of SFIFF, as I walked, drove, and BARTed my way around the city, there was one thing I heard more than anything else from fellow festival-goers—“You need to see You’re Next!” No other film at the festival garnered such buzz, which compelled me to check it out, though I Read More
Top 10 Films from SF IndieFest Film Festival

Top 10 Films from SF IndieFest

The lineup at this year’s SF IndieFest was unbelievably strong; I anticipated that there would be at least a few certified duds, but that wasn’t the case. Though I didn’t love every film, each had its unique voice, ambition, and spirit. From the lowest-budget short to the most polished full-length feature, they all offered a Read More
SF IndieFest Reviews – All the Light in the Sky, Sun Don’t Shine & More Film Festival

SF IndieFest Reviews – All the Light in the Sky, Sun Don’t Shine & More

Joe Swanberg’s All the Light in the Sky is a naturalistic portrait of Marie (Jane Adams), an actress whose career seems to be losing steam. Romantically, she’s gotten to the point where she no longer possesses the energy to actively pursue men, and isn’t quite sure if love is in the cards for her any Read More
V/H/S Movie


V/H/S feels like a natural conclusion to the found footage subgenre that’s become increasingly popular since Paranormal Activity’s success. While Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project focused on a sense of realism to draw people in, V/H/S is anything but. As an anthology film revolving around the home video format, all the pretenses and Read More