Mark Duplass

Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice Talk About What Makes a Good Found Footage Movie Interview

Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice Talk About What Makes a Good Found Footage Movie

When a film has the name Mark Duplass attached to it, the film typically contains an in-depth look on human behavior with an empathic, yet slightly offbeat voice. Ergo, my interest is peaked whenever Duplass is involved with a project. In his latest role, he uncharacteristically plays the part of the anti-hero who generates screams Read More
SXSW 2014: She’s Lost Control, The Heart Machine, & Creep Film Festival

SXSW 2014: She’s Lost Control, The Heart Machine, & Creep

She’s Lost Control As a surrogate partner therapist, its Ronah’s (Brooke Bloom) job to try to heal people of their sexual intimacy issues through various sessions and stages of erotic contact (think Helen Hunt in The Sessions). While at work she is seems to have all the answers on how to be intimate with a Read More
Bad Milo Movie

Bad Milo

It comes as a bit of a surprise that, with so many recent horror films aping off of different subgenres from the past, no one has really attempted to tackle the creature feature. Jacob Vaughan’s Bad Milo! sticks out from today’s oversaturated horror market simply because it harkens back to a group of films that Read More
Black Rock Movie

Black Rock

The production of Black Rock is a husband and wife collaboration between Mark Duplass handling the screenwriting duties and Katie Aselton coming up with the story and working as the director for the second time in her career. Making its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival back in 2012, this stalker thriller earns merit through Read More
Watch: Black Rock trailer Trailer

Watch: Black Rock trailer

I was initially intrigued by Black Rock when I heard it was written by Mark Duplass and directed by his wife Katie Aselton, who also stars in the film. A trailer for Black Rock has landed and it looks to be a gripping thriller about three young women who travel to an island but soon Read More
Safety Not Guaranteed Movie

Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety Not Guaranteed thankfully takes its science fiction framework and keeps it in the background, instead putting the focus on its characters and how they grow over the film’s short running time. For the most part the movie gets by on its low-key charm, with two good central performances but the sitcom-like structure drives a Read More
The Do-Deca-Pentathlon Movie

The Do-Deca-Pentathlon

The Duplass brothers have made quite an impact on indie cinema over the last seven years. As their budgets have increased, so have their fans. Their recent explosion in popularity with studios hindered them from taking this 4 year old project off the shelf. While they were in post-production for The Do-Deca-Pentathlon they got green-lit Read More
Watch: Safety Not Guaranteed trailer Trailer

Watch: Safety Not Guaranteed trailer

Winner of the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at Sundance this year at the Sundance Film Festival was the indie comedy Safety Not Guaranteed. From the producers of Little Miss Sunshine comes a story about how far believing in something can take you. Safety Not Guaranteed stars Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson, and Karan Soni. Read More
Your Sister’s Sister Movie

Your Sister’s Sister

Having liked Lynn Shelton’s previous feature, Humpday, I was anxious to see if she could duplicate her efforts in Your Sister’s Sister. I will tell you right now, she does just that and then some. Shelton’s greatest achievement here is taking simple conventional situations and making them into complex and extraordinary without sacrificing believability. It Read More