Way Too Indiecast 50: Our Favorite Movies

By @waytooindie
Way Too Indiecast 50: Our Favorite Movies

It’s the most common question one is asked as a movie writer: What’s your favorite movie? On the occasion of our 50th episode of the Way Too Indiecast, your hosts Bernard, CJ and Dustin have decided to share with you their favorite movies, the movies that defined them as cinephiles and changed the way they look at the art form. Plus, two very special guests join the show as H.P. Mendoza (I Am A Ghost) and J.P. Chan (A Picture of You) share their picks. Here’s to 50 episodes and many more to come!


  • Dustin’s Favorite Movie (4:13)
  • CJ’s Favorite Movie (25:20)
  • Bernard’s Favorite Movie (52:06)

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