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Mozart’s Sister – Being Music

Mozart’s Sister – Being

In case you were wondering, no, Being is not the work of the woman who is actually Mozart’s sister. Instead, Mozart’s Sister is the alias of Caila Thompson-Hannant, who chose her moniker because the real Mozart’s sister was an underdog and an outsider excluded by her peers. The real figure after whom Thompson-Hannant is named Read More
Cymbals Eat Guitars – LOSE Music

Cymbals Eat Guitars – LOSE

Benjamin High did not die in vain. His tragic 2007 passing at just 19 years old, far too young an age for anyone to leave us, began to inform Cymbals Eat Guitars’ impressive catalog even before the band caught listeners’ attention with their 2009 debut Why There Are Mountains. High, a member of the long-defunct Read More
JJ – V Music

JJ – V

Enigmatic swedish outfit JJ is known for their grandiose gestures. They have gifted fans with a euphoric Lil Wayne sample, a free Christmas Eve mix tape and a name change. However, there is still an atmosphere of mystique that clouds the band. Unlike most modern bands, you won’t find them doing routine press interviews. Amid Read More
FKA twigs – LP1 Music

FKA twigs – LP1

Is FKA twigs human, or is she dancer? “I can’t recognize me”, she sighs at the end of “Video Girl”, a song that expresses her disdain towards sometimes being more noticed for her dancing in the background of two Jessie J videos, among others, than for her thriving music career. It seems that twigs herself, Read More
Field Mouse – Hold Still Life Music

Field Mouse – Hold Still Life

A shoegaze band named Field Mouse. At first glance, things couldn’t be any more typical, right? Here’s yet another female-fronted, searingly emotive band taking cues directly from My Bloody Valentine; here’s yet another band with the word “Field” in the name (try not to get them confused with The Field or especially Field Music); here’s Read More
White Lung – Deep Fantasy Music

White Lung – Deep Fantasy

Earlier this year, I wrote here about my disappointment with Perfect Pussy’s Say Yes to Love , and cited its length (or, rather, lack thereof) as one of its major flaws. It’s easy to get the notion, then, that I think albums need to be a certain length to succeed, but read more closely — Read More
Talk Rock – Vile Music

Talk Rock – Vile

Is it surprising that someone writing for a site called Way Too Indie went through a deeply immersive heavy metal phase when he was fifteen years old? I’m talking about myself here. From the time I began high school until my best friend introduced me to Is This It just after I turned seventeen, I Read More
Shamir – Northtown EP Music

Shamir – Northtown EP

Is it 2014 or 1984? Although this is a question that’s been asked lately in regards to the whole NSA scandal, it’s also one that applies to the state of recent music. The last few years have given rise to a sudden surge of artists that incorporate the textures, moods, tones, and lyrical themes of Read More
Hundred Waters – The Moon Rang Like a Bell Music

Hundred Waters – The Moon Rang Like a Bell

As though Beyonce’s completely out-of-nowhere release of her self-titled album in late 2013 wasn’t untraditional enough, here’s something to up the ante: Hundred Waters celebrated their sophomore release, The Moon Rang Like a Bell, with a free three-day festival in an Arizona desert named Arcosanti. The festival, named after the desert hosting it, was free Read More