Mood Indigo Movie

Mood Indigo

No filmmaker could pull off adapting Boris Vian’s “unfilmable” novel better than the inventive Michel Gondry. Before the opening titles finish Gondry demonstrates his trademark whimsy and wacky production style; a chef receives ingredients through a television set, sunlight creates guitar strings, an assembly line of people rapidly finishing sentences on typewriters passing by on Read More
Honour Movie


Honour, the 2014 British thriller and directorial debut of Shan Khan, tells the story of Anglo-Pakistani woman Mona (played by Aiysha Hart), who becomes the target of a family honor killing after backing out of an arranged marriage. When Mona threatens to flee abroad with her lover, her hyper-traditional family decides to take matters into Read More
Borgman Movie


The unpredictable mechanics of evil have rarely been as captivating as they are in Alex Van Warmerdam’s Borgman. Premiering last year at Cannes, our very own Dustin Jansick saw it during his coverage of the festival (read his initial thoughts here) and was, unsurprisingly, compelled by its strangeness. Having finally seen public release earlier this Read More
Me and You Movie

Me and You

Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci hadn’t made a film in about a decade before his latest movie Me and You screened out of competition at 2012 Cannes Film Festival; however, the new film is far more contained than the sweeping and at times controversial filmography of Bertolucci’s past. Me and You, or Io e te in Read More
Nothing Bad Can Happen Movie

Nothing Bad Can Happen

In Nothing Bad Can Happen, a “provocative” film without anything truly provoking, Tore (Julius Feldmeier) is a homeless teen who, in the film’s opening, gets baptised in a lake. He’s a new member of the Jesus Freaks, a group of young punks taking a more extreme approach to religion and living a life similar to Read More
Norte, the End of History Movie

Norte, the End of History

First thing’s first: Lav Diaz’s epic Norte, the End of History is 250 minutes in length, a relatively short running time for the Philippine director (2008’s Melancholia runs 450 minutes, while 2004’s Evolution of a Filipino Family is a whopping 647 minutes). People will naturally run in the other direction the moment they see the Read More
Miss Lovely Movie

Miss Lovely

At its debut at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, Ashim Ahluwalia’s chameleonic Miss Lovely was declared a new type of anti-Bollywood cinema aimed squarely at providing an antidote to the mass-produced, broadly-appealing entertainment that is such a lucrative and successful business in Indian popular culture. That Ahluwalia chose to do so by directly addressing the Read More
Heli Movie


From the start, Heli establishes the brutality and transparency of its setting. Opening with two men lying in the back of a truck, one dead and one barely alive, the drivers hang the corpse over a bridge in the middle of a town. Flashbacks reveal the man still holding on to life is the title Read More
We Are The Best! Movie

We Are The Best!

“Punk is dead” is a phrase heard several times throughout We Are the Best!, but it’s certainly not true for pre-teen girls Bobo (Mira Barkhammar) and Klara (Mira Grosin). The film takes place during 1982 in Stockholm, a time when people started moving toward bands like Joy Division or The Human League. Bobo and Klara, Read More