Always Woodstock Movie

Always Woodstock

Her life in chaos, a wannabe musician heads home, hitting every rom-com device along the way. Read More
Beside Still Waters Movie

Beside Still Waters

Chris Lowell's directorial debut plays with nostalgia as old friends gather for a weekend getaway. Read More
Force Majeure Movie

Force Majeure

The absurdity of familial archetypes are underscored to hilarious effect in Ruben Östlund's provocative new film. Read More
St. Vincent Movie

St. Vincent

Bill Murray should play every grumpy old man character from now on. Read More
Justin Simien: I Don’t Need to be Told Racism is Bad–I’m More Interested in Talking About Identity Interview

Justin Simien: I Don’t Need to be Told Racism is Bad–I’m More Interested in Talking About Identity

First-time filmmaker Justin Simien’s satirical comedy Dear White People follows four black students at a fictitious Ivy League school as they struggle with identity and self-worth. Lionel Higgins (Tyler James Williams) is a shy, gay journalist who fits in nowhere; Troy Fairbanks (Brandon P Bell) is a student body golden boy and son of the dean; Sam Read More
Listen Up Philip Movie

Listen Up Philip

If you can bear it, Perry and Schwartzman's misadventures of a misanthrope is an intriguing study in misery. Read More
Dear White People Movie

Dear White People

A campus-set satire that keenly observes black identity and finds humor in the absurdity of "post-racial" America, Justin Simien's blistering debut provides ample food for thought. Read More
The Guest Movie

The Guest

If you’re familiar with Dan Stevens, it’s probably with his work on Downton Abbey as the kind-hearted English gentleman Matthew Crawley. Other than that, his career is largely a blank slate, with most of us having no preconceived notions about him as an actor. This absence of expectation is a key ingredient in Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s The Guest, the director-writer duo’s Read More
It Was You Charlie Movie

It Was You Charlie

The moment near the end of a film that puts everything you have just watched into perspective is a dicey proposition. It requires the closing payoff to be something worth waiting for–and more importantly, it demands deft storytelling. To purposefully omit something by writing around it, then carefully drive the story towards it later, takes Read More