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6.7 out of 10 
Ends up being a pleasing dark comedy that will not blow you away but earns respect for how well made it was.

Super Spree is an indie short film written and directed by Matt Post about the work life of one employee that is overworked and underappreciated. One of the best things the film does is not take itself too seriously. Super Spree ends up being a pleasing dark comedy that will not blow you away but earns respect for how well made it was.

Billy (James Manzello) works as a stock boy at a local supermarket called Food Dynasty. It is fitting that the word “Service” on the building is missing one of the letters because it is lacking it in the store as well. Not only do Billy’s co-workers slack off and make him do all the work but they constantly poke fun of him. To top it off, he has a lazy boss who only seems to give him a hard time instead of the other works that do nothing but sit around.

Super Spree movie review

He is set on creating three canned-food pyramids but they are constantly pushed over by his evil co-workers. Finally, he breaks when someone knocks down his pyramid one too many times. You have heard the term “going postal” before; well let’s just say he “goes grocery” on his co-workers.

As I mentioned before, Super Spree is a good example of fine filmmaking. The camera work featured in the film is much better than most first time filmmakers. Which I would guess came from being an assistant director on the excellent short film, The Southern Belle. Unfortunately, the short film went on a few small tangents (the female cashiers) and did not have enough focus on the main story.

Watch the entire short film Super Spree here:

Super Spree Movie review

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