The Southern Belle

The Southern Belle

8 /10

Patrick Biesemans directs The Southern Belle, a 12 minute indie short film about two men on opposite sides of the same problem. Josh gets into a cab that is making it’s last run of the night. He has been cheating on his wife for 2 years until recently she found out about mistress. In his eyes one of two things are going to happen, he is either going to kill his wife or kill himself. The cab driver claims he has a story that can relate to Josh’s situation. He tells Josh how he thought of The Southern Belle train to be a lot like his wife, always on time and always reliable. That is until he found his wife cheating on him with someone else. Similar situations yet both are on different sides of the spectrum. It was dark and depressing and wonderfully done. In just 12 minutes it goes from sympathetic to destructive. I could easily see someone making this into a full length feature film.

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The Southern Belle Movie review

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