Dustin’s Top 10 Films of 2012

By @DJansick
Dustin’s Top 10 Films of 2012

I still remember the feeling I had immediately after watching Beasts of the Southern Wild; my heart was beating out of my chest, a long-lasting smile was on my face, and I had that feeling that I just watched something great. Regardless of the title, it is special when a film can make you feel this way. So it should be of little surprise that Beasts of the Southern Wild is my number 1 film of 2012. But the main purpose of this preface is to highlight potentially important films that I did not get a chance to see before making the list. Some of these films include; The Sessions, Amour, The Comedy, Cloud Atlas, and The Silver Linings Playbook just to name a few.

Also to note, Paradise: Love is absent from my list (although it would have likely been in the Top 3). This is because of the rules we set up, only films with a North American release date of 2012 can count. Therefore it will have to appear on the list next year.

Dustin Jansick’s Top 10 Films of 2012

Beasts of the Southern Wild cover

#1 Beasts of the Southern Wild

A mesmerizing lead performance by Quvenzhane Wallis pairs perfectly with a magnificently shot poetic film by Benh Zeitlin. It the most imaginative and moving film of the year.
Beasts of the Southern Wild Review | Watch Trailer

Your Sisters Sister cover

#2 Your Sister’s Sister

Lynn Shelton is great at taking simple conventional situations and making them into complex and extraordinary without sacrificing believability.
Your Sister’s Sister Review | Watch Trailer

The Master cover

#3 The Master

It is a challenging but rewarding film if you are willing to connect the dots yourself. It contains some of the year’s best acting performances.
The Master Review | Watch Trailer

Jeff Who Lives At Home cover

#4 Jeff, Who Lives At Home

The film delivers a powerful message about believing things in life happen for a reason and it does so by blurring the line between choice and destiny.
Jeff, Who Lives At Home Review | Watch Trailer

Looper cover

#5 Looper

Most sci-fi action films do not care about character development or even if it has a good plot. This film has both of those in addition to the entertainment.
Looper Review | Watch Trailer

Beyond The Black Rainbow cover

#6 Beyond The Black Rainbow

This highly stylized head-trip of a film has a Midnight Madness feel to it and has cult classic written all over it. Maybe the most bizarre film of the year.
Beyond The Black Rainbow Review | Watch Trailer

Sleepwalk With Me cover

#7 Sleepwalk With Me

One of the year’s best comedies demonstrations comedians are not always funny and relationships are not always fairy tales in an entertaining manner.
Sleepwalk With Me Review | Watch Trailer

Moonrise Kingdom cover

#8 Moonrise Kingdom

You cannot deny that Wes Anderson has his own unique style and this film solidifies that statement. It screams Anderson and has a great ensemble cast to go along with it.
Moonrise Kingdom Review | Watch Trailer

Alps cover

#9 Alps

Giorgos Lanthimos is quickly becoming one of my favorite foreign directors. A film about impersonating other identities while losing your own? Brilliant.
Alps Review | Watch Trailer

Cabin in the woods cover

#10 Cabin in the Woods

This is a satire on the horror genre, pointing out all the clichés by acting them out. It makes for a refreshing and entertaining watch.
Cabin in the Woods Review | Watch Trailer

Honorable Mentions

Sound of My Voice
Goodbye First Love
Ruby Sparks

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