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Compliance Movie


Based off true life events is Craig Zobel’s Compliance, a controversial yet captivating look at how people fail to know their own basic rights and how gullible people are while in the presence of authority. Partly shot in docudrama style, the film ultimately shows the cruel manner of our own human nature. Reactions to Compliance Read More
Watch: Compliance Trailer Trailer

Watch: Compliance Trailer

Compliance received mixed reactions and has sparked some heated debates when it premiered at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. The trailer for this controversial film, which some believe contains political allegories, has arrived online today. While we will have to wait to before we can chime on the heated discussions of the film, take Read More
The Innkeepers Movie

The Innkeepers

Ti West’s The Innkeepers is one hell of a slow burner. The film moves at a snail’s pace but is none-the-less fascinating at how it achieves a grand atmosphere. All the credit goes to West, a young director who is on a hot streak with this film and the one prior, The House of the Read More