One Hour Fantasy Girl

One Hour Fantasy Girl

4.5 /10

One Hour Fantasy Girl is a film based on a true story about a young woman striving towards making a good living while doing nearly anything she can to achieve it. In her line of work she meets with some odd and disturbing people, making it a dangerous job.

Becky Lewis (Kelly-Ann Tursi) works by giving a guy any fantasy he wants for an hour. This does, however, exclude acts that involve sex or kissing. You can tell she is a strong minded person who from time to time puts too much trust in people. She has been taking care of herself since she was 15.

She tends to only dream of flashbacks as a child where she was abused. That is likely attributed to her being so depressed. And since she basically sells herself for her job, these are reasons why she has such a hard time sleeping at night.

Soon a new customer finds out about her services from her website and suddenly takes interest in Becky. His requests are not typical of the other customers she is used to. He mostly just wants to talk and spend time with her. It’s not long before she starts opening up to him emotionally and gains some trust in him.

One Hour Fantasy Girl indie movie review

In one scene she bursts in tears and proclaims it will take two years for her to save up for what she thinks is the only way to make the big bucks, real estate investments. It is the first time you see why she is doing what she is. She has a goal and is determined to reach it. And he looks to be someone that can help her along with way.

The film kind of passes by for the first hour before the story starts to get fairly interesting. I feel like it could have progressed faster than it did. The acting in One Hour Fantasy Girl was a little disappointing. The actors failed to deliver their lines with much conviction. The best quality about the film was probably the writing minus the lack of a compelling ending.

One Hour Fantasy Girl is an indie film that has potential. The character development was not complete and took too long to reach. However, the overall idea behind the film is interesting and a bit sad since it was based off a true story. With a few tweaks it could have came out great. I cannot recommend this film to most, unless that is you are a diehard fan of low budget indie films and can appreciate the effort by producer John Paul Rice and director Edgar Bravo.

One Hour Fantasy Girl Movie review

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