Way Too Indiecast 8: 2015 Oscar Nomination Reactions

By @waytooindie
Way Too Indiecast 8: 2015 Oscar Nomination Reactions

The Academy finally announced their Oscar nominations for 2015, and they certainly created a lot of controversy. With plenty of surprise nominations (American Sniper?!), snubs (Selma), and surprises (Marion Cotillard!), there was plenty to like (and plenty more to dislike). On this edition of the Way Too Indiecast, editor-in-chief Dustin Jansick sits down with C.J. Prince to discuss the most interesting and surprising nominees. Topics include what might be the biggest snub of the year (hint: this snub was definitely the opposite of awesome), why people love nominating Meryl Streep for everything, a strange choice in Best Director, the success of The Grand Budapest Hotel and more.


  • 2015 Oscar Nominations (0:35)
  • Biggest Snubs (13:15)
  • Best Foreign Films (18:30)
  • Grand Budapest Hotel (24:25)

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