Watch: The Do-Deca Pentathlon trailer

By @DJansick
Watch: The Do-Deca Pentathlon trailer

Before Jay and Mark Duplass directed Cyrus or Jeff, Who Lives At Home the brothers shot The Do-Deca Pentathlon. Perhaps being put on the radar as of late with larger budget hits was what the indie duo needed in order to revive this project. The Do-Deca Pentathlon premiered at this year’s SXSW Film Festival and has been picked up by Red Flag Releasing and Fox Searchlight.

The film is about sibling rivalry and their own pentathlon of athletic events they created to solve the rivalry. It will star Mark Kelly and Steve Zissis as the brothers. The trailer screams Duplass made but I personally found it less compelling then some of their other films. The only way to find out though is to watch the film when it comes out June 6th.

Official trailer for The Do-Deca Pentathlon:

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