Fandor Announces VHS Home Delivery Service [April Fools]

By @DJansick
Fandor Announces VHS Home Delivery Service [April Fools]

We normally don’t condone fake headlines and news stories (even on April Fools), but the fake announcement this morning from Fandor was just too funny to pass up. In fact, it reminded us why we love Fandor.

Claiming there’s still a large market of VHS enthusiasts (hipsters love cassettes right?), Fandor wants to offer a curated collection of VHS for rental, at no charge for current members. Details of this new Fandor VHS program are posted below.

All unlimited memberships include:

  • Unlimited exchanges
  • Never pay rewind charges
  • No late fees
  • Fast, free delivery
  • Simple, free returns by mail
  • No commitments: you can cancel anytime

Obviously this is just a silly April Fools Day joke from Fandor for us cinephiles. However, they are offering a free stream (no credit card required) of Adjust Your Tracking, a film about how the VHS format will not die. This free streaming opportunity is not a prank, the film is available to stream on Fandor through Sunday. Happy April Fools Day!

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