7 Best Moments from the Independent Spirit Awards Last Night

By @DJansick
7 Best Moments from the Independent Spirit Awards Last Night

The Independent Spirit Awards never fail to entertain us, here are the best moments from last night’s show.

#1. Fred Armisen and Kirsten Bell wrote a song making fun of themselves for being a little studio and a little indie.
Fred Armisen and Kirsten Bell Spirit Awards

#2. Nightcrawler picked up two awards! During his acceptance speech, Dan Gilroy calls for more indie movies, less superhero remakes.
Dan Gilroy Spirit Awards
Full quote: “Independent film, the foundation and everybody here today, I think are holdouts against a tsunami of superhero movies that have swept over this industry. We have survived and we have thrived and I think that’s true spirit.”

#3. Paul Thomas Anderson slams American Airlines for losing his luggage. Note: The airline is a major sponsor of the awards show.
Paul Thomas Anderson Spirit Awards
Full quote: “Don’t fly American Airlines, man. They will f—ing lose your luggage.”

#4. Bennett Miller tried covering it up later, insisting it was United Airlines. Good save.
Bennett Miller Independent Spirit Awards

#5. Jared Leto’s err.. fashionable outfit?
Jared Leto Independent Spirit Awards

#6. Justin Simien pleads for more diversity in acceptance speech for Dear White People.
Justin Simien Spirit Awards
Full quote: “I started writing this movie some 10 years ago as an impulse because I didn’t really see my story out there in the culture. I didn’t see myself reflected back at me in the films I love or the stories that resonated for me. I tried to put myself in the culture. That can be difficult when, along the way, there’s really nothing there to tell you that you belong there. I’m very grateful. If you don’t see yourself in the culture, please put yourself there, because we need you. We need to see the world from your eyes.”

#7. Birdman wins Best Picture over Boyhood. Nobody saw that coming. Oscar race heats up.
Birdman wins at Spirit Awards

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