11 Best Moments From Silicon Valley Season 2

By @DJansick
11 Best Moments From Silicon Valley Season 2

Topping the first season’s elaborate dick equation would be nearly impossible to do, but season two of Silicon Valley had plenty of funny moments of its own. Although director Mike Judge stretched the plotline thin throughout the season, there were so many great comedic line in each episode that it was barely noticeable. Below we’ve gathered the 11 best moments from Silicon Valley season two, let us know your favorite in the comments.

11 Best Moments From Silicon Valley Season 2

#1. Dinesh and Gilfoyle use a SWOT board on whether to inform a stunt driver of his flawed velocity calculations.

Silicon Valley SWOT board
Gilfoyle: “If Blaine dies on our live-stream it could be good for us. I mean, we’d get a lot more traffic.”
Dinesh: “Well, and it would probably lead the cause for regulations in the stunt industry. So, in the long term, we’re saving lives.”
Dinesh: “Obviously his incessant suffering will be a strength.”
Gilfoyle: “But our ability to enjoy it is an opportunity.”

#2. Introducing the worst man in America: Russ Hanneman.

Russ Hanneman animated gif
Russ: “I’ve got three nannies suing me. One of them for no reason.”
Russ: “All of a sudden, I’m 22 years young, and I’m worth $1.2 billion. Now a couple decades later, I’m worth $1.4. You do the math.”
Russ: “Synergy, bitches!”

#3. Pied Piper freaks out about being hacked, but turns out Russ accidentally set his tequila bottle (“Tres Commas”) on the Delete key.

Tres Commas tequila delete key
Richard: “Had Endframe accidentally put a tequila bottle on their Delete key, I guarantee they would have struggled to delete half of the amount of files that we did. At best. Or worst.”

#4. Erlich spots the Winklevoss twins.

Winklevoss twins on Silicon Valley
Erlich: “Look at them. They’re like two genetically enhanced Ken dolls. Do you know how much Bitcoin they’re worth?”
Erlich: “Oh shit, they’re splitting up. Cameron’s the left dominant one, right? I’m gonna come at him from the right side, try and herd them back together without spooking them.”

#5. The messaging app we’ve all been waiting for…Bro

Silicon Valley Bro app
Dinesh: “It’s a messaging app that lets you send the word ‘bro’ to everyone else who has the app.”
Gilfoyle: “So it’s exactly like the Yo app.”
Dinesh: “Exactly, but less original.”

#6. Pied Piper team finds the sales pitch at the San Francisco Giants stadium to be very underwhelming.

Silicon Valley Martin Starr Zach Woods
Richard: “It’s starting to feel weird letting all these firms suck up to us.”
Erlich: “If you can’t enjoy this many people kissing our ass at this level, then I feel sorry for you. I mean, we’re getting our dicks sucked at the AT&T park.”
Dinesh: “We’re standing on the field of the World Series champions!”
Gilfoyle: “It’s totally lost on me.”
Dinesh: “Yeah, I don’t give a shit either.”

#7. People miss the amazing knockout punch in the UFC title match because the Nucleus stream freezes.

Silicon Valley gif
Gilfoyle: “The picture is so blocky, it looks like Minecraft.”
Announcer: “Unbelievable! I have never, in all my years of watching fights, have seen a finishing combination more furious.”
Erlich: “Gavin Belson just shit everyone’s pants.”

#8. Nucleus fails. “Is this Windows Vista bad? It’s not iPhone 4 bad, is it? Fuck. Don’t tell me, tell me this isn’t Zune bad.” “It’s Apple Maps bad.”

Gavin Belson Silicon Valley
Gavin: “I don’t want to live in a world where someone makes the world a better place better than we do.”

#9. Richard suffers from night sweats, and possibly sweats from his urethra.

Russ Hanneman animated gif
Jared: “Do you think maybe you sweat from your urethra?”
Jared: “Can you put a dollar value on not wetting your bed?”

#10. Pied Piper’s condor egg live-stream skyrockets when a man falls and gets trapped with the camera.

Silicon Valley condor egg stream
Dinesh: “This guy falling off the cliff is the first good luck we’ve had.”
Gilfoyle: “Even when his sobbing shakes the camera, there’s no blocking it all. The quality is great.”
Dinesh: “This guy is going to drink his own piss? That’s too good. We’re going to fail by succeeding.”

#11. Erlich’s insulting negotiation tactics, ending with his junk on the table.

Erlich Silicon Valley negotiation
Erlich: “One of you is the least attractive person I’ve ever seen. I won’t say who. *Glances at the man on the right*
Erlich: “Here’s my concern: Who the hell picked out that shirt for you?….Then you married poorly.”
Erlich: “There is a linear correlation between how intolerable I was and the height of valuation.”
Gilfoyle: “He put his balls on the table?”
Dinesh: “On purpose?”
Richard: “I don’t see how it could be by accident.”

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