The Raid 2: Berandal Movie

The Raid 2: Berandal

Welsh-born filmmaker Gareth Evans’ The Raid: Redemtion shook up the martial arts movie genre in 2011 with its exhilarating action, scintillating fight choreography, and no-holds-barred brutality. The film didn’t have much of a plot to speak of: A police raid on an apartment building filled with deadly gangsters doesn’t go as planned, and voila! We’ve got Read More
Enemy Movie


Denis Villeneuve has been keeping himself very busy. At the Toronto International Film Festival last year, it wasn’t enough that he had the tightly wound Prisoners making its world premiere, but he managed to have another film finished in time to double dip at TIFF. Though if you end up seeing Enemy (which only got Read More
Cheap Thrills Movie

Cheap Thrills

Like an alternative, bite-size version of Breaking Bad, first-time director E.L. Katz’s gruesome comedy Cheap Thrills takes an unassuming suburban family man named Craig (Pat Healy) and exposes a repressed, dark side of his psyche via the sinful temptation of money. What begins as an quick drink between old friends at a bar evolves into a horrific freak Read More
Love & Demons Movie

Love & Demons

Love and Demons opens with San Francisco-based writer-director J.P. Allen, playing a demon named “Mister D.”, addressing the camera directly, delivering a chilling monologue, assessing the lives of mortals like you and I from a devil’s-eye view. “Let me tell you a little story. The story of your life.” It’s a striking, statement for Allen Read More
In Fear Movie

In Fear

The inevitable problem that comes with a great set-up is that, at some point, questions have to be answered. Jeremy Lovering's In Fear is, as the title suggests, focused on what people do when they're overcome with fear. Lovering expertly handles building up dread and intensity in his film's first half, only do undo most Read More
24 Exposures Movie

24 Exposures

Unlike his mainstream-ish crossover Drinking Buddies, Joe Swanberg returns to his less refined style in 24 Exposures, a film that is reminiscent of his earlier work by featuring girls in various stages of undress, non-professional actors, low-budget production values, improvisation, a personal cameo, and relationship struggles at the heart of the story. In this indie Read More
Grand Piano Movie

Grand Piano

Every once in a while, we all see one of those special films – something that pushes the boundaries, defies expectations, breaks down the walls and makes us reconsider what is possible in the world of film making. Eugino Mira’s Grand Piano, starring Elijah Wood, is just such a film – it is a movie Read More
7 Boxes Movie

7 Boxes

7 Boxes is a cat-and-mouse chase movie set in a seedy marketplace in the Paraguayan capital of Asunción, whose breakneck pace is its saving grace, for better or for worse. On one hand, the rapid clip at which the film zooms by makes it entirely watchable and entertaining. It’s a rush of a film, but if Read More
SFFS Artist in Residence Sebastian Silva Talks The Gift of Spontaneity, ‘Magic Magic’ Interview

SFFS Artist in Residence Sebastian Silva Talks The Gift of Spontaneity, ‘Magic Magic’

“My biggest fear is for my mind to control me and not the other way around,”Chilean filmmaker Sebastian Silva told us at FilmHouse in San Francisco, when asked about the inspiration behind his 2013 psychological creeper Magic Magic, starring Juno Temple and Michael Cera. We spoke with him at the beginning of his tenure as the San Read More