The Strange Little Cat Movie

The Strange Little Cat

Want to know the definition of beguiling? Look no further than The Strange Little Cat. Ramon Zürcher’s debut feature definitely lives up to both of its title’s adjectives. At 69 minutes in length, it’s so brief it barely even qualifies as a feature. And every moment is absolutely strange. It’s an enigma of a film, something Read More
Cymbals Eat Guitars – LOSE Music

Cymbals Eat Guitars – LOSE

Benjamin High did not die in vain. His tragic 2007 passing at just 19 years old, far too young an age for anyone to leave us, began to inform Cymbals Eat Guitars’ impressive catalog even before the band caught listeners’ attention with their 2009 debut Why There Are Mountains. High, a member of the long-defunct Read More
To Be Takei Movie

To Be Takei

It’s hard “shocked” when information about a celebrity’s past is revealed. Nowadays information about someone gets dredged up by the TMZs of the world and distributed ad nauseam across social media. Plus, there is very little a celebrity could have done in his/her past that an older celebrity hadn’t already done, so when we hear Read More
Senoritas Movie


Lina Rodriguez’s Señoritas opens with a lengthy shot of Alejandra (María Serrano) looking out a car window as she goes around Bogotá. Rodriguez, a Canadian-based filmmaker from Colombia, went back home to shoot her debut feature in Bogotá, an interesting choice considering the city doesn’t really feature too much in the film. Alejandra is the Read More
Lyle Movie


Indie filmmakers will try anything – and god bless them for doing it – to fund their next film. Options have ranged from begging family and friends for cash and giving producer credits to financial donors to maxing out credit cards and becoming laboratory test subjects-for-hire (I’m lookin’ at you, Robert Rodriguez). The filmmakers behind Read More
About Alex Movie

About Alex

About Alex is very much a film of its time. For starters, the film is occasionally hyper-aware, in the Chris Miller-Phil Lord vein, of its architecture as a film imbued with tropes. The film also feels like a clichéd indie where characters gather together and reveal secrets and grievances. But what truly makes About Alex Read More
The Zero Theorem Movie

The Zero Theorem

Terry Gilliam is no stranger to absurd dystopian science-fiction films. His best work came early in his career with films like Brazil and Twelve Monkeys, and his latest film The Zero Theorem feels like an extension to those titles. Written by a creative writing teacher from the University of Central Florida (Pat Rushin), The Zero Read More
The One I Love Movie

The One I Love

Let me first start out by saying that this review contains some spoilers found in The One I Love. Normally I believe spoilers shouldn’t be discussed in reviews, but in this case the “twist” is revealed almost immediately and it ends up being the main topic of the film–there wouldn’t be much to talk about Read More
The Dog Movie

The Dog

If you ask any film buff to rattle off a list of 10 great Al Pacino films, or if you avoid social interaction and just Google it, several crime dramas are guaranteed to appear (and usually in the Top 5), including Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather (1972) and The Godfather Part II (1974), and Sidney Read More