Force Majeure Movie

Force Majeure

The absurdity of familial archetypes are underscored to hilarious effect in Ruben Östlund's provocative new film. Read More
Young Ones Movie

Young Ones

Jake Paltrow's post-apocalyptic Western will dazzle you with style, underwhelm you with melodrama. Read More
White Bird in a Blizzard Movie

White Bird in a Blizzard

A teenager full of sexual angst is impassive at the disappearance of her mother, but grows to find she should have taken more interest, and asked more questions. Read More
23 Blast Movie

23 Blast

A truth-based football melodrama that fumbles 50 yards short of the end zone. Read More
Listen Up Philip Movie

Listen Up Philip

If you can bear it, Perry and Schwartzman's misadventures of a misanthrope is an intriguing study in misery. Read More
Damien Chazelle: We’re Too Narrative-Focused When It Comes to Movies Interview

Damien Chazelle: We’re Too Narrative-Focused When It Comes to Movies

As we emerge on the other side of the long film festival season and move into awards season, Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash has been drumming up (sorry) so much good publicity that it isn’t crazy to think the 29-year-old filmmaker may be holding his first golden statue in a few months time. About an aspiring jazz drummer (Miles Teller) Read More
MVFF37 Days 10 & 11: After The Fall, Timbuktu, & Wild Film Festival

MVFF37 Days 10 & 11: After The Fall, Timbuktu, & Wild

Closing weekend of the Mill Valley Film Festival just proves the authority of this small festival. It’s rare for a film festival to have such a high percentage of excellent films. No wonder its gained a reputation as a finely curated festival with its tastes squarely in line with mass audience appeal, not to mention the Read More
Camp X-Ray Movie

Camp X-Ray

Camp X-Ray opens like a tense thriller, with the capture of Ali Amir (Peyman Moaadi) and his transportation to Guantanamo Bay, played out in quick, rapid cuts and an imposing soundtrack. The film may start with intensity but this isn’t the tone of the film overall. Camp X-Ray takes a gentler approach to conveying the horror of Read More
It Was You Charlie Movie

It Was You Charlie

The moment near the end of a film that puts everything you have just watched into perspective is a dicey proposition. It requires the closing payoff to be something worth waiting for–and more importantly, it demands deft storytelling. To purposefully omit something by writing around it, then carefully drive the story towards it later, takes Read More