The Sleepwalker Movie

The Sleepwalker

A psychological drama of tension between two sisters. Read More
Butter on the Latch Movie

Butter on the Latch

Disorienting and experimental Josephine Decker's feature debut film is a wonder. Read More
Thou Wast Mild and Lovely Movie

Thou Wast Mild and Lovely

A stylish farm-set, grim thriller around family and lovers. Read More
Beside Still Waters Movie

Beside Still Waters

Chris Lowell's directorial debut plays with nostalgia as old friends gather for a weekend getaway. Read More
Goodbye to Language 3D Movie

Goodbye to Language 3D

Another anomalous concoction by Godard that pushes the limits of 3-D viewing to uncomfortable, astonishing effect. Read More
Foxcatcher Movie


A chilling true crime tale makes for some of the year's most compelling performances. Read More
The Theory of Everything Movie

The Theory of Everything

Famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking is an extraordinary man with monumental achievements, advancing our understanding of how the universe works while simultaneously battling a disease that left him nearly paralyzed and unable to speak. It’s a tragedy to us all that one of the most brilliant minds of our time lost the ability to communicate his Read More
Interstellar Movie


A jaw-dropping spectacle of sci-fi filmmaking weighed down by incoherent plot mechanics. Read More
Force Majeure Movie

Force Majeure

The absurdity of familial archetypes are underscored to hilarious effect in Ruben Östlund's provocative new film. Read More