Kwaidan Movie


Don’t be fooled by the age, Kwaidan is one of the finest reasons to include Masaki Kobayashi in the contenders list for one of the greatest Japanese directors of all time. The movie, born in 1964 was awarded and remembered by several filmmakers of the era. The film covers traditional Japanese folk tales of the Read More
Stagecoach Movie


Stagecoach is an old-school movie in every sense of the word. The characters are stripped down, traditional, Western stereotypes. The plot is a straight-forward race through hostile territory, with drunk doctors, a pregnant woman, a dubious banker, and, oh yeah, a shoot-out at the end. It was John Ford’s first Western using sound, John Wayne’s Read More
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Movie

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is a very complex Western that pits a traditional gun-slinging setting with a reformist mindset and the resulting tensions are intriguing and exciting. The movie stars two of the biggest stars ever, Wayne and Stewart, as conflicting protagonists with different views of how to handle a ruthless outlaw. The Read More