Lilacs & Champagne – Lilacs & Champagne

Lilacs & Champagne – Lilacs & Champagne

Chalked with every instrument you can think of but arranged so well it really works for the most part.

7.2 /10

Imagine you’re a Noir P.I. gagged, bound and blindfolded being dragged to the top of a volcano by men in tribal masks and body paint to be sacrificed to some pagan god. Bruised, bloody and tired but still fighting up to your last few moment before being dropped to your molting end. Or maybe you are in a bayou face to face with some swamp monster straight out of an old horror movie or on a mystic Jim Morrison style peyote trip through the desert. I have no idea what was going through Alex Hall and Emil Amos minds while creating this album but the above are the vivid images that streamed through my mind’s eye as I listened to Lilacs & Champagne with my headphones on blaring.

Lilacs & Champagne is a full, immersive album with so much sound and complexity that its hard to know where to start when talking about it. It is so retro and familiar but at the same time like nothing you have ever heard before. Driven by an array of obscure samples from old movies and bargain bin thrift store records, it’s no wonder this album is so nostalgic. Chalked with every instrument you can think of but arranged so well it really works for the most part.

Lilacs & Champagne band

Alex Hall and Emil Amos aka Lilacs & Champagne were both a part of the band Grails. Grails has a very similar style but a restrictive format as a classic bass, drum and two guitars band. So it makes sense that they sought out a more open and experimental way to make music.

Lilacs & Champagne is a bleak, haunting and powerfully intoxicating album that will take you to a place in your mind you never knew existed…in a good way.

Lilacs & Champagne – Lilacs & Champagne Music review

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