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John Goraj – Seen and Unseen

9 out of 10 
John not only plays the guitar and sings a few songs for the listener; he takes them on a journey.

What do you get when you take a heartfelt dreamer, give him a magnificent voice and phenomenal guitar abilities? You get John Goraj.

John Goraj’s new album Seen and Unseen was just released and is already receiving high praise. described the album and John’s voice as; “almost majestic listening”. I could not agree more. Majestic seems to be the one word that could be used to describe his soulful lyrics filled with magnificent guitar, cello, and banjo.

In the weeks leading up to his newest album’s release John gifted his Facebook fans with a free download of “Horse and Home”; featured on his newest album. Featuring beautiful guitar solos, and absorbing personal lyrics. Exquisite prose such as “We undress in quiet rooms and open windows…and I’d be a damn fool to think I could possess her soul. But maybe her body could be my clothes.” John’s music is not only astonishing poetry, it is absolute peace to one’s ears.

The song “Snow on the Mountain Peaks” was inspired by a picture perfect view of snow capped mountains and describes such a perfect, God given beauty that only a poet like John could put into words and music. In the song “We Were Just Kids” he recalls being young and out of control. He sings of “smoking cigarettes and skinny dipping in the lake”; taking you back to his adolescence right alongside him. Every single one of the tracks on the new album tell a unique and incredibly poignant story that you just can’t turn away from.

John Goraj not only plays the guitar and sings a few songs for the listener; he takes them on a journey. A journey leading into the very depth of his heart where he reveals all his raw emotions chord by chord. He leaves the listeners feeling so deeply connected that we may even believe we were there for these moments he remembers in lyrics.

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John Goraj – Seen and Unseen Music review


Author: Polly Dean

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