The House of the Devil

The House of the Devil

6.5 /10

The authentic 80’s atmosphere in this demonic horror flick really makes you feel like you are watching something they pulled out of a vault somewhere. Director Ti West baptized The House of the Devil in the most unholy of 80’s horror nostalgia. Shoty camera work, big Farrah hair and an even bigger Walkman cassette player are just a few of the things that make it such a wonderful blast from the past.

Samantha, a sweet collage sophomore is moving out of the dorms, away from nasty, nympho, slob roommate and into a her own little cozy apartment. Unfortunately, like many collage kids, she has no money. So paying first months rent is going to be tricky. Desperate to take any job she can get, she calls a number she finds on a flier that simply says “baby $itter needed”. She gets there and they offer a overly generous wage. So whats the catch? Well for starters there is no kid, just pure evil.

The House of the Devil movie review

This was a fun movie with a few really good moments. I feel like a lot of horror movies go for cheap scares these days, so its nice to to see something with a little class. But it was certainly not perfect. I felt at times that they started making it without really knowing where it was going. When I was done watching I felt that nothing really happened.

Aside from the sloppy storyline and the slight feeling of “that’s it?” It was quite enjoyable.

The House of the Devil Movie review

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