8.6 /10

An indie romantic comedy with a hint of drama revolving around a young mattress salesman and confused girl with a rich daddy. Directed by Matt Aselton, Gigantic deals with some fairly common life problems like dealing with family, friends, relationships and taking a close look at what you want in life.

Brian Weathersby (Paul Dano) a 28-year-old mattress salesman, has a life long dream. This is not a normal dream for a young single man like opening a coffee shop or starting a band. No, since he was a young boy he has wanted to adopt a baby from china. The adoption process is long and grueling and to make matters worse he keeps getting viciously attacked by a homeless man (Zach Galifianakis). Now that we have established that Brian is a not so normal boy, let’s talk about a not so normal girl. Harriet or Happy (Zooey Deschanel) is the daughter of a wealthy customer of Brian’s (John Goodman). Happy works for her sister but doesn’t know what she is doing or where she is going in life. So boy meets girl, girl distracts boy from his life goals then girl freaks out and screws everything up when she realizes that they’re relationship might really mean something.

Gigantic movie review

I don’t know how this movie flew under my radar for so long, but I’m glad it finally made its way to me. After seeing Paul Dano in There Will Be Blood, I knew he was someone to watch. The character he plays is very likable but different and I think he was perfect for this part. Zooey Deschanel is VERY well liked in the indie world, for her singing and most of all just because she is so darn cute, but her acting has always been well… dull. So I was pleasantly surprised to see her do such a range of emotions. This was by far the best acting I have seen from her ever. John Goodman was amazingly funny and makes you feel like this part was written with him in mind. Really there wasn’t a bad performance in the movie. Well written and well directed, Matt Aselton executed this movie like a pro.

If you are looking for a movie with depth and emotion that will still make you laugh, Gigantic is it. A truly way too indie film.

Gigantic Movie review

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