Way Too Indiecast 39: Andrew Garfield, ’99 Homes,’ ‘Sicario’

By @waytooindie
Way Too Indiecast 39: Andrew Garfield, ’99 Homes,’ ‘Sicario’

The tag team of Bernard and CJ run wild on this episode as they talk about Denis Villeneuve’s new film, Sicario, as well as make sense of a blood-boiling argument Bernard had with a friend about the plausibility of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Also, highlights from the roundtable interview Bernard had with Andrew Garfield, the star of Ramin Bahrani’s housing crisis drama 99 Homes. All that, plus our Indie Picks of the Week on this week’s exciting installment of the Indiecast!


  • Indie Picks (3:34)
  • Plausibility For Dummies (10:02)
  • Sicario (29:22)
  • Andrew Garfield (48:03)

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