Way Too Indiecast 33: Mistress America, Movie Tech Madness

By @waytooindie
Way Too Indiecast 33: Mistress America, Movie Tech Madness

On this week’s show, the tag team of Bernard and CJ review Noah Baumbach’s latest, Mistress America, starring Greta Gerwig and Lola Kirke. The boys also examine the value of modern theatrical “enhancements” like 3-D glasses and 4DX theaters and whether they’re hindering or helping movies as a whole. Plus, there’s a computer program being developed called “Dramatis” that is able to detect points of suspense in a story. Could this be the beginning of a future where computers are writing Hollywood scripts? Bernard and CJ answer that question as well as share their Indie Picks of the week on this especially bromantic edition of the Way Too Indiecast.

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  • Indie Picks of the Week (1:16)
  • Movie Tech Madness (15:45)
  • Dramatis (36:59)
  • Mistress America Review (51:43)

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