Trailer: Zulu

By @@DaveBless
Trailer: Zulu

Zulu, the film that closed the Cannes Film Festival this year, now has its first (NSFW) trailer. The movie stars Forest Whitaker and Orlando Bloom in an intense crime thriller set in South Africa in the aftermath of Apartheid. Director Jérôme Salle (Anthony ZimmerLargo Winch) makes his English language debut in a somewhat familiar genre; high speed nail-biters certainly aren’t foreign to him, even if the language is. He also adapted the script himself (another exercise he is familiar with) from a Carol Férey novel of the same name.

The movie follows Whitaker and Bloom playing homicide detectives on a case in Cape Town which leads them on a brutal, winding investigation of deadly drugs, nefarious science experimentation, and the remnants of a race war. Judging from this preview, there will be action and twists in large supply.

Acclaimed film composer Alexandre Desplat handles the score. After his work on, among other well-received productions, Moonrise Kingdom, Zero Dark Thirty, and Fantastic Mr. Fox, I am excited to see what he does with this.

This Pathé, M6 Films, and Lobster Film joint production has yet to receive an American release date, but check out the trailer below (again, not at the office) and keep an eye out.

Watch the trailer for Zulu:

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