Trailer: The Interview

By @ZShevich
Trailer: The Interview

In Seth Rogen‘s 2nd film as director, he and writing partner Evan Goldberg are taking the act to one of the least funny places in the world, North Korea. In The Interview, Rogen plays Aaron Rapoport, TV Producer of celebrity news show “Skylark Tonight” hosted by James Franco‘s Dave Skylark. Together, the pair are invited to the DPRK to interview one of their biggest fans Kim Jong-Un, when the CIA recruits the under-qualified pair to assassinate the North Korean dictator.

This likely won’t be quite the celebrity-filled affair that turned out be Rogen & Goldberg’s debut film This Is The End. Complete with CIA spy-tech, North Korean tanks, and throngs of applauding admirers of Kim Jon-Un, the stakes are bound to be high in The Interview when it comes out on October 10th. Watch the trailer below:

Official trailer for The Interview

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