Super Adorable Super-kid Doc ‘Batkid Begins’ Gets A Trailer

By @ZShevich
Super Adorable Super-kid Doc ‘Batkid Begins’ Gets A Trailer

When the Batkid took to the streets of San Francisco on November 15th of last year, the world took noticed as photos and videos of his escapade quickly went viral. Thousands of news stations, a couple real Batmen, and even the President of the United States chimed in to cheer on the lil’ Caped Crusader. What was expected to be a Make-A-Wish event attended by a couple hundred well-wishers soon morphed into a nearly city-wide event that thousands of supportive voices showed for, in order to help make Miles Scott’s wish to become “a real Batman” come true.

Now halfway through its IndieGoGo campaign, the documentary Batkid Begins is also looking for support in order to tell Miles’ and Make-A-Wish’s incredible story. Sponsored by Moving Train, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to documentary films, Batkid Begins goes further into the story than the brief fluff pieces aired on most major networks, finding out more about Miles, his family, and the overwhelming support generated for his story. The film’s IndieGoGo reads, “did Miles need the world for inspiration? Or did the world need Miles?”

Watch Batkid Begins trailer

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