Our Curiosity “Awakened,” What Is Episode VII Actually About?

By @scarletmgross
Our Curiosity “Awakened,” What Is Episode VII Actually About?

We have all seen the buzz in our news feeds. The new J.J. Abrams Star Wars baby has been dubbed Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Every bit of news learned about this upcoming foray into a much beloved world of science fiction is received with either dismay, or frothing, barely-tethered anticipation. But can we glean anything from the title for what we could expect to happen in Episode VII?

If the story lines from similarly titled movies can give us any clues, we might be able to deduct some potential plot themes here.

Since it is supposed to be set 30 years later it could be something like 1990’s Awakenings. In an abandoned Rebel Hospital, Old Luke stumbles upon a ward full of Jedi Knights, catatonic since Anakin “succumbed to his emotions,” and must use the force to slowly help them regain consciousness.  R2D2 and C-3PO serve as nurses in rehabilitating the Jedi. This might be where Andy Serkis comes in as the main comatose Jedi, naturally.

Of course, it might be something more akin to a Disney film — since they most definitely have their gloved hands deep in this mix — so we might see a Snow White or Sleeping Beauty reference with Leia finally tapping into the force and getting zapped into a deep sleep only to be awoken by her true love. Obviously after a failed first attempt by Luke, Han would do the honors, surrounded by a dozen Ewoks (Warwick Davis as Wicket, for one). Unless she’d just as soon kiss a Wookie. Since we know Peter Mayhew has signed on again as Chewy, that’s a distinct possibility.

It might also be feeling a little competitive with Amityville: The Awakening, set for 2015, in which case we could very well see our daring heroes trapped in the decrepit shell of a Death Star, haunted by past dead stormtroopers, with the Solo family experiencing spooky phenomena. Honestly, as long as they’re not planning on delving into any awkward sexual themes between the Solo children, as played by any of the numerous already cast young and beautiful Unknowns, and set on a deserted planet a la The Blue Lagoon: The Awakening (2012), I think we will all be somewhat contented campers.  Not that George Lucas hasn’t been known to cover that topic pretty thoroughly (we’re looking at you, Luke).

In any case, as always, both Abrams and Disney are forces to be reckoned with when it comes to turning old stories on their heads.  We might, as yet, know nothing.

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