See What Your Favorite Directors Look Like…As Houses?

By @anandawrites
See What Your Favorite Directors Look Like…As Houses?

It’s not uncommon for film directors to be referred to as “architects.” In many instances, these crafters have to build whole worlds and universes. Illustrator Federico Babina decided to take this turn of phrase and go someplace literal with it, fashioning visual imagery of what our favorite directors might look like if their particular styles were put into the form of houses. It’s fascinating to say the least.

Babina calls this series of illustrations “Archidirector” saying “Directors are like the architects of cinema. They are those that build stories that like buildings envelop the viewer and carry it in a different world. Each with their own style, language, and aesthetics think, plan design and build places and stories that host us for the duration of the movie.”

His collection includes 27 illustrations, ranging from Hitchcock to Fellini, Von Trier to Jarmusch. Check out the entire collection at Design Boom and buy the prints at Babina’s Society 6 shop.


Burton House


Scott House


Lynch House


Kaurismaki House


Hitchcock House
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