Exclusive Clip for Upcoming Indie Drama ‘Flutter’

By @GJVGarrison
Exclusive Clip for Upcoming Indie Drama ‘Flutter’

Nystagmus is a disease that you probably haven’t heard of. But the rare eye disorder–coupled with glaucoma–is the jumping off point for the new mother/son relationship drama, Flutter.

The film follows JoLynn (Lindsay Pulsipher of True Blood), a young, semi-single mother struggling to raise her son, Johnathan (Johnathan Huth Jr.), a sea monster-obsessed nine-year-old with a pair of rare eye disorders. To relieve her son of his pain, JoLynn grows and cooks marijuana into edible “medicine.” To take things from bad to worse, JoLynn’s in-laws decide that they can care for Johnathan better and attempt to seek custody.

Written and directed by first-timer Eric Hueber, Flutter is rounded out by several Friday Night Lights alums: Glenn Morshower, Jesse Plemons, and Brad Leland.

The film hits digital and on demand on April 7, and to tide you over until then, we have an exclusive clip that highlights JoLynn’s resigned determination to care for her son her own way.

Exclusive Clip for Flutter

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