Details Revealed for Michael Haneke’s Next Film, ‘Flashmob’

By @pinkstonaa
Details Revealed for Michael Haneke’s Next Film, ‘Flashmob’

According to Film Comment, Michael Haneke has released details for his next film, called Flashmob. Described as a “multi-character drama on the fragile relationship between media and reality,” Flashmob is an idea Haneke has been noting for the past few years, and now may be coming to fruition.

Haneke has long had an interest in the media, with many of his films tangentially commenting on media and how we consume it (CachéFunny Games), but this will be his first look into internet culture. Given the look into multiple characters who are all brought together to one event, this may have the largest scope of any Haneke film. And with a title like Flashmob, there is plenty of opportunity for psychological strain, violence and dark humor.

Flashmob is set to film this summer. No release time-frame has been set, but it will likely be among the most anticipated films in the year of its release.

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