Dan Stevens Will Fall In Love With Emma Watson in ‘Beauty and the Beast’

By @GJVGarrison
Dan Stevens Will Fall In Love With Emma Watson in ‘Beauty and the Beast’

There are certain films that most movie goers believe don’t need to rebooted/remade/ruined, but Beauty And The Beast is happening whether we like it or not.

So, while there is little hope that the project won’t come to pass and the 1991 animated version can stay the childhood benchmark that it’s been, there is at least some exciting talent signing up. Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, last year’s unnervingly cool The Guest) will join the endlessly charming Emma Watson (The Bling Ring, Noah, Harry Potter). Stevens will play the Beast to Watson’s Belle—a pairing that is obviously in the running for most attractive fairytale couple ever.

Shortly before Walt Disney Pictures confirmed Stevens part, it was revealed that Luke Evans would play Gaston. Evans, quite frankly, is a far less inspired choice than Stevens, having played a baddie in two Fast and Furious pics and starred in the also-unnecessary Dracula Untold. Bill Condon (the forthcoming Mr. Holmes and a pair of Twilight movies) will direct the Steven Chbosky (The Perks Of Being A Wallflower) script.

All in all, we’re staying faithful. Watson and Stevens are both tons of fun and getting to see them play opposite is enough to get us onboard.

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