‘Community’ Lives! First Trailer Arrives For 6th Season

By @GJVGarrison
‘Community’ Lives! First Trailer Arrives For 6th Season

It’s tough to think up a TV show that’s been through more drama and turmoil than the former NBC show Community. Even at its peak, Community never had the best ratings. The series was put on hold mid-season in 2011, brought back after die-hard fans established several Twitter and Facebook campaigns, canceled again after it’s 5th season, and saved yet again by a last minute deal with Yahoo last year.

All this cancellation drama was hardly the worst of it, though. After the hilarious 3rd season, series creator Dan Harmon was removed as the showrunner, resulting in the flat and creatively bland 4th season. To make things worse, the season saw the “mutual” departure of Chevy Chase (whose onset antics we won’t get into). When the 5th season finally did come around, Harmon announced his return, only to have the news dampened by the departure of Donald Glover.

Despite the show’s status as a news mainstay, four of the five seasons have been outstanding. The evolution of Community has been unlike anything else on TV, and the show’s spot-on parodies of everything from Law And Order: SVU to Glee, unmatched.

So, for many, today is a great day as the first trailer for the 6th season has finally arrived. And frankly, it looks pretty hilarious (“Frisbees!”). Yahoo is set to premier the 13-episode season with back-to-back episodes on March 17th.

Six seasons and a movie!

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