ICKY: Elaine Stritch “Tweets from the Afterlife”

By @ZShevich
ICKY: Elaine Stritch “Tweets from the Afterlife”

Have you ever wondered about what will happen to your social media after you die? I have. A collection of old high school acquaintances rushing to post condolences for my family along with false memories of the good times we never shared. All of it underneath a photo of me wearing a flat brim hat and making a duckface (I swear it was just a joke!). The point is that Facebook, Twitter, and all other forms of social media are likely best left dormant after death.

Just imagine how unsettling it might be if your account, perhaps, tweeted in the 1st person from “the Afterlife”:


The tweet is in reference to the upcoming Cinema Eye Honors, where the somewhat recent Elaine Stritch documentary (Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me now available on Netflix Instant) is one of 10 documentaries up for the Audience Choice Prize. This particular tactic of fan recruitment however, lacks… well, tact. Never mind the fact that someone has chosen to write this tweet as if it were Stritch herself celestially composing 140 characters, the words run counter to the late actress’ signature self-deprecating honesty and wit.

Take a lesson from the late Roger Ebert‘s Twitter account and stick to retweets.

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